With The That Fred Perry Sneakers Bet for San Valentin

A month of a date as it is Valentine can go speaking already of some of them proposed more interesting that are receiving from them brands. The footwear division of Fred Perry This year committed to four models of slippers, two models for them and two models for us, that are where you show.

The names of the slippers, which brings them, I really I’m more accustomed to names rarunos for running shoes, view a few names such as Phoenix, Kingston, Sonny and Kingston Stampdown These shoes for Valentine’s day, but with spirit more summer than late winter or early spring, can be a good bet.

The Fred Perry Kingston Twill Tipped (main photo) is a good choice for the time that is required to go with something more elegant, a long Chinese would lay you great.

However for moments of pool, walks on the beach and shorts the Fred Perry Kingston Stampdown Chambray they are the best choice, very style espadrille.