Wiltz, Luxembourg

Wiltz, Luxembourg

Wiltz is a small town (4,500 inhabitants) north of Luxembourg. Despite its modest size, Wiltz is the capital of the Luxembourgish Ardennes. All the beauty and attractiveness of the lifestyle of the Duchy of Luxembourg can be appreciated by visiting this place.

The locals firmly believe that Wiltz is a favorite meeting place for spies and world-class intelligence officers. But at the same time they are friendly, polite and always come to the aid of tourists. According to petwithsupplies, Wiltz is one of the largest cities in Luxembourg.

How to get there

To get from Luxembourg to Wiltz, you need to take a train from the railway station to Clervaux and change in Kautenbach, the cost of a round-trip trip is around 5 EUR. The whole journey will take you less than an hour and a half.

It is better to move around the city on foot, but if you wish, you can use the city bus (2 EUR for adults). And, of course, you can come to Wiltz by car (parking only in paid parking lots or in specially designated places).

By bike

Wilz is crossed by the bicycle route of the Grand Duchy’s national bicycle network, suitable for both beginners and experienced cyclists. The advantage of such trails is that they lead along secondary roads, abandoned and converted railway tracks, and forest paths.

Wiltz Hotels

In Wiltz there is a place to stay for the night for every taste and budget: from the 4-star hotel-restaurant Du Vieux Chateau (prices from 70 to 120 EUR) to hostels (YH Wiltz – from 5 EUR per night) and campsites.

Camping ” Kaul ” (from 6 EUR per night) is located on the edge of the Ardennes forest and on the shore of the lake, offers many hiking trails, a swimming pool, everything for outdoor activities.

Cuisine and restaurants

The best restaurant, for which even seven miles is not a detour, is the rural Berdof (Bisdorf), it is located in the village of the same name. The restaurant was opened in ancient times by the daughter of the chef of the Grand Duke. There you can try authentic local cuisine, which focuses on pork, fish and game. Beer is good, reminiscent of Belgian. Local wines – Moselle, whites are especially good.

Attractions and attractions in Wiltz

Wiltz Castle, which is over 800 years old, is the main attraction of the city. Ancient buildings are spread out on a rock hanging over the city, the most famous of them is the Tower of the Witches with a corresponding legend (yes, women accused of witchcraft sat under lock and key there). The castle has endured many medieval wars. A more modern luxurious palace, in the Renaissance style, is open to the public. Around the palace, on the slopes of the Ardennes, there is a park with beautiful views of the Wiltz River and the Ardennes Mountains.

Museum of brewing and the history of leather production. With a tasting of local beers, a visit to the museum will cost you 6 EUR.

The Museum of the Battle of the Bulge 1944/45 is a city museum dedicated to the Second World War (5 EUR per entry).

Website: http://www.mnhm.net

Wiltz is surrounded by the National Nature Park, so pleasant walks await you on comfortable, well-equipped hiking trails through the hills and forests of the Ardennes.

Most routes start 10 km from Wiltz in the town of Esch-sur-Sur. The circular walking route from Wiltz and back with a length of 13 km will allow you to see all the sights of the city. More difficult routes lead from Belgium to Germany or from France to the Czech Republic – you can go part of the way.

Two kilometers from Wiltz, in the skydiving center of the Duchy of Luxembourg, adrenaline lovers can fly from the mountainside on a parachute (in tandem for 210 EUR) or simply admire the performance of parachuting masters.


In July, Wiltz hosts an open-air music festival in the amphitheater next to the castle. Past festival participants include Richter, Rostropovich, Duke Elington and Astor Piazzolla. The program includes ballets, opera performances, classical musicals.

On Ghost Day, you can watch a unique local tradition – the procession with brooms on Geenzefest (“Broom Festival”). Everything is as it should be – a solemn parade, the choice of the queen of the broom, the performance of folklore groups from Germany and from all over Europe, a lot of colorful performances by visiting stars. And, of course, regular gastronomic weeks cannot but please.

Wiltz, Luxembourg

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