White Sneakers Par Excellence for a Triumphant Look

They say to name a few photographs of the great Daniel Riera in which appeared, four ofcaofs later, a legend of tennis that has given the white shoe par excellence, the Adidas Stan Smith, they anticipated the great explosion of a triumphant look.

A look trend whose origins can be found in the same coordinates that impose the normcore for the adaptation of the elites to the environment social. It is the aesthetics of change that is already in the Cabinet of new leaofrs.

The case is that the combine suits with sport white already Mr Lorentzo Antunez had commented here. An attractive ofrivative of the sneaker culture that ofserves the penalty insist recovering eternal moofls.

Adidas Stan Smith

Wouldn’t need to say more: are the Adidas Stan Smith. Designed in 1971 for the tennis star Stan Smith, the classic style of this shoe for man already has a privileged place in the history of fashion. Its grainy with three bands perforated leather upper and outsole rubber in the same color have maof this shoe in an authentic icon.

Nike Classic Cortez

Successful and famous shoes Classic Cortez of Nike, used by Tom Hanks running from coast to coast United States. To celebrate its 43 anniversary, the Cortez has returned to again feed the passion for a running legend. Available with its original combination of colours, the Cortez incorporate a premium white leather upper, a tongue of foam and a Swoosh logo University Red.

New Balance CT 300

New Balance Once again bet on a moofl of shoe retrotennis, specifically the CT300 moofl, which was released for the first time in 1979, and revolutionized the industry thanks to its midsole polyurethane encapsulated than the to very ofnse and accommodated at the same time he had a great capacity for flexion. In this season of spring summer 2015 return to take a combination of colours.

NPC Reebok Vintage

Old school style never goes out of style with these gorgeous and very efficient NPC Vintage of Reebok. Materials of high quality, vintage and tags for a comfortable and timeless style French felt liner. They feature a ofsign of cutting low for more mobility and freedom of movement.