White, Nor with Shoehorn Shoe You Will Enter My Foot

There are things that do not pass, although I understand that all are fashion and I can never say what ‘this water will not drink’ and more, when in my years of crazy youth drank. Yes, mistakes you learn and I do not understand, not me in the head, how I could look white shoe my 18 years. I see and I now see this types of footwear and horrifies me.

And although the bloggers try to make me change my opinion, I think I by the way that my feelings go already not I will turn away me more.

Or with jeans or baggy pants, No shorts, nothing from nothing at all. The worst models? Those who succeed more: completed in probe and wedge. OLE you. I do not understand what has given them these girls by this shoe, but the truth is that not removed it or with shoehorn. And I even with this I wear them…

Do you think you?