Ursula Mascaro Autumn/Winter 2013/14: Climb to The Heights

The Art Deco movement that shone in France during the Decade of the 1920s and that spread to other countries in the years 30 and 40, has been the main source of inspiration for the collection of Ursula Mascaro Autumn/winter 2013/14. A few designs of architectural cut that are mixed with more urban trends such as the classic boots country created to enjoy large music festivals, in addition to classic rooms and proposals of military inspiration.

Platform Pumps

The pumps have become the true stars of our wardrobe. And Ursula Mascaro the has reinvintedado by adding them to an Platform view XXL and a heel outlined with curves. A novelty for the lovers of the heights.

Creations ideal to look at events and parties, but also for lar attention during the day.


A basic essential seasonally updated with new materials as patent leather treated in gradient or Python engraved in a spectacular shade of Fuchsia. This latest model, which is the image is one of my favorites. I love!


For the most daring, about the same shape of the Platform pumps, this line is developed from architectural inspiration. Open with wrist or ankle-boot, its 16 cm become a challenge for the fans of special designs. So if you want to look like lady gaga this is your booty.

Peep toe

The peep toe Ursula Mascaro have become a reference point for the red carpet, since we see numerous celebrities. The next season was reiventa with new fabrics such as this printed retro in very elegant green tones.

The comfort that brings your system flexiwedge make it a benchmark of the celebrites that have to spend many hours in an event.

Rounded toe

Fingers behind one rounded toe and the platform is presented in two variants: external and internal. Two options before elegance and velvets, and in a multitude of colors.


The military trend is one of the highlights of the season. And Ursula Mascaro explores it in its different aspects: on the last of stiletto inspired by the uniforemes gallons; and with a more urban option with camouflage fabrics.

Contry Festival

For the lovers of the festivals and indie music, a complete collection of sharp boots adorned with fringes they are the star of the line. a mi me has fallen in love with both the black model and Python.

You can find them in Python, black and Brown. Among the main features is that shank tapers to conform to the ankle and leg styling.

Urban boots

Inspired in the trends biker and with a very urban air, highlights this line of boots worked on engraved and decorated with adjustable skins. It highlights the special platform that excels on the shoe on heel designs; and the classic estlilo of engraved leather boot flat.

The flappers

They are the least I like because you know that I am a lover of heels. It is an update of the designs from the 1920s to the present life. Without the classic “T” but with a heel width and designed in all the range of colours in patent leather.