Up to 37,500 Dollars Sneakers: There Is a Subculture of Sneakers?

It is a reality, the fashion world has surrendered to the sporty style for street style, but that style could reduce (and resume) to just a garment: sneaker. Increasingly the famous who are allied with Sport brands to create a model (or several) of shoes that petan throughout the world. And with these limited editions creates a different market making people lose head completely and are able of paying thousands of euros by them. Here’s where comes the question, there is a subculture of sneakers?

Culture or religion?

The Air Jordan’s Nike vintage models paid to astronomical prices

There is much talk of the culture of the shoe, but sometimes madness is so great and the devotion so deep that we could say that more than one culture is a religion. People do days Queuing to buy a limited edition (at the Fairfax Street in Los Angeles, there is a store that only sells editions of this type at astronomical prices) as if in a Beyonce concert. Spending hundreds of dollars on something is not frowned upon, because one knows that it is investing in something that, at the end of the day, you can triple or quadrupled its original price. The most sought-after models? Almost all of them from Nike; The Air Jordan 11 Blackout 11.267 dollars, the Nike Air Mag (the exact model of back to the future) for $37,500… Although the much-talked-about case came with the net Yeezy 2 (when Kanye West was designing for Nike) that were for sale on eBay with an impossible figure: $ 16 million.

Yeezy, the King of madness

Yeezy collection is one of the best-selling and its models last store in minutes

As we have just comment, Kanye West is the King of madness overflowed and excessive collections Yeezy. It decided that Nike are not paid enough and stronger joined his opponent: adidas. Since then, whenever he launches a limited edition of her slippers are exhausted in minutes. With a starting price of 250 euros, if you want one of their models now you must pay at least 700 euros. But that is not all, the Chinese market has realized the potential and has taken nothing to launch imitations that do not exceed 20 euros. It is possible that the Kardashian family has helped to create is madness, because although they are not very good views here, in United States part of the population loves both the singer and the family. Here is an explosive union…

Return to the origins

How many times we said that everything is back in fashion? As well, we return it to tell. And is that firms, aware of this demand increasing, has not hesitated to relaunch his classics of yesteryear with renewed touches. Success has been such that the street wears the simple model of Stan Smith (petó him during the Decade of the 90s), Nike celebrated the 20th anniversary of their Airmax in the climax and Reebok did the same with its Classic model. Everyone wants to return to the principles of all, when the fashion was much easier (or so it seemed) and the looks were more casual and casual. But this time the looks vary: people dare more and makes impossible mixes where the suit pants are the best match for this type of footwear.

What is the real value in this type of footwear?

The demand marks the price of each item, as well as the number of units available

As we have already mentioned, people are willing to pay amounts expected for according to what model in limited edition. But if we take a look back we’ll see how the price has risen too. On the basis that the times have been modernised and that once charged is not the same now (or Yes), the value of the shoes has risen as the foam. And it is that at the time of the peseta, these shoes started from an approximate price of 6,000 pesetas, what is now about 36 euros. But, away from this paltry amount, today’s models start at about 90 euros (15,000 pesetas) and can reach 350 euro’s output (more than 58,000 pesetas). Moreover, today there is a very wide market of web pages dedicated to collect all the limited editions of the time to resell them at astronomical prices. And although in Spain is not yet fashionable, in United States this practice is much. And it is that on the other side of the pond, the sneaker culture is much more rooted. But the reality is different, what is the real price of each model? The truth is that we would not know to tell, because times are changing and with it technologies and fabrics. But at the end one puts the price depending on their economic situation and the desire that has become a model in particular. And is that what for many not worth anything, for others it is an object of desire.

  • Flight Club. 812 broadway, New York. Here are the store’s limited editions. The best? Sold online, although with each of their models you will leave you several thousand dollars. Thus, we find the famous red Yeezy sneakers made by Nike for a whopping $5,500.
  • Kark. 644 broadway, New York. The most unusual and extravagant models gather in this place which has an infinite number of signatures (and prices).
  • Sneaker Pawn USA. 200 Malcolm X Boulevard, New York. If you are looking for is a limited edition of yesteryear and you can’t find it by any place, this is your store.
  • Flight Club the Angeles. 503 n Fairfax Ave, West Hollywood (Los Angeles). If you were a lover of the series Entourage (Entourage) will recognize this little place good to first. And it is in this store located in Fairfax (LA) is where turtle always compared her slippers in limited edition.
  • 24 Kilates. C / de Comerç, 29, 08003 Barcelona. In Barcelona we have a place where to go when a limited edition we love completely. From adidas to Nike through other firms such as Puma and Saucony.
  • If you go barefoot. C / Churruca, 5, 28004 Madrid. If you’re the capital and die whenever they released a limited edition, your paradise is if you go barefoot. Here you will find the best of each House.

During this 2015…

Have been many editions released this 2015, but no doubt there are three which have more given that talk.

  • Kanye West x adidas. As it could not be otherwise, and as we have described it above, Kanye West has been the King of shoes during this 2015, and its models have been the most profitable year. Adidas wants to continue working with him, because he has seen the potential that has, while the own singer has decided to launch its own signature.
  • Rihanna by Puma. Since Rihanna they appoint her creative director of Puma, his designs have passed without rhyme or are… Until now. It is their creepers are exhausted in a few weeks and now find one of his models is difficult (though not impossible) task.
  • SACAI by Nike. It is not the first time that Sacai designs for Nike, although recently that it has launched its latest collection capsule where clothing and shoes are worshiped by the most demanding public.
  • Pharrell Williams x adidas Originals. The firm has found the goose that lays the golden eggs and has been (almost) all the editions that together with Pharrell Williams have launched have been exhausted in a matter of days. His most dream collection was the well known Superstar Supercolor, where presented a wide palette of color in this mythical model.
  • Rita Ora x adidas Originals. During this 2015 (although the union occurred in 2014) also have seen how the English singer is allied again with the firm to launch various editions of their more classical clothes. A Wonderwoman air was the total protagonist.