Under Armour Sneakers That Monitor Activity without Having a Mobile Phone Near

The quantifiers of our daily movements do not cease to be present and innovate every day, therefore, we also now have slippers that monitor activity without having a mobile phone near, created and recently presented by Under Armour.

It’s the shoes Gemini 2 that incorporate sensors to not depend on other types of devices at the time of leaving to train or practice our favorite sport.

Stored data and when we finished our workout, move them to the appropriate application (Xtrail) via Bluetooth to tell us how much we have walked or ran, distance and up to speed and stride length.

Although they are not the first Smart shoes, surprising new Under Armour within all reasonable price of $180 to which we estimate will be achieved the end of next month, as well as its duration, since they promise one useful life of up to 600 km, not bad considering that a pair of traditional shoes can take up to 1000 km.

With a nice aesthetic and with the possibility of acquiring a wearable with our new pair of athletic shoes, new Under Armour they look promising, however, we shall wait for the market to evaluate its effectiveness.