Traveling to Chile – Entry Requirements

Traveling to Chile – Entry Requirements

Visa: No, but “Tarjeta de Turismo” tourist card, automatically received upon entry, valid for 90 days.
Vaccinations: no
Airports: Santiago de Chile – Arturo Merino Benitez (SCL)
Calama El Loa (CJC)
Arica Chacalluta (ARI)
Mataveri International – Easter Island (IPC)
Punta Arenas (PUQ)
Antofagasta (ANF)
Balmaceda Vidal (BBA)
Concepcion Carriel (CCP)
Copiapo Chamonate (CPO)
El Salvador (ESR)
Iquique Chucumata (IQQ)
La Serena (LSC)
Puerto Montt Tepual (PMC)
Valdivia Pichoy (ZAL)
Temuco Manquehue (ZCO)
Osorno (ZOS)
Pucon (ZPC)
Puerto Natales Gallardo (PNT)
Porvenir (WPR)
Puerto Williams (WPU)
Chillan (YAI) National
language: Spanish
Currency: Chilean peso (CLP)
1 CLP = 100 Centavos
Exchange rates:
1 EUR = 884.85 CLP
100 CLP = 0.11 EUR
1 CHF = 821.28 CLP
100 CLP = 0.12 CHF
(exchange rate from January 16, 2021)
Telephone area code: +56
Time zones: UTC-4
Mains voltage: 220 V

Changed travel regulations during and after the corona pandemic

The entry ban initiated by the Chilean government for all foreigners not residing in Chile has been extended until further notice. The granting of exceptions is the decision-making competence of the Chilean authorities. Excluded from the entry ban are travelers from countries that are classified in the list of the World Health Organization (WHO) as non-comprehensive with Sars-CoV-2 infections.

The general and still valid entry requirements include a negative PCR test proof (not a quick test) no older than 72 hours before boarding the aircraft at the place of departure, an international health passport (to be created digitally) no older than 48 hours before departure from the country of origin and a Proof of a travel health insurance expressly valid for Chile with a minimum sum insured of 30,000 USD and with cover for all COVID-19 treatments.

The Chilean embassy in Berlin or the Chilean immigration / health authorities can provide further information on the currently applicable exception regulations.

Irrespective of their nationality, place of residence or country of origin, travelers must go into an immediate 10-day quarantine with personal isolation or in common isolation with the people traveling with them after arrival and permitted entry. The quarantine consists of five days of quarantine in the hotel and then five days of quarantine at home at the destination of the trip. It is not possible to shorten the quarantine.

The hotel for the initial quarantine must be booked online in connection with the digital application for the issuance of the international health passport and paid in advance by the traveler himself. Proof of payment must be uploaded to the relevant digital platform as part of the application. With a negative result of a PCR test, which is carried out during the hotel quarantine, the quarantine can then be continued as a domestic quarantine at the final destination of the trip. If the test result is positive, the person will be transferred to a state quarantine shelter.

Source: Federal Foreign Office on August 2nd, 2021

General provisions for travel and residence (until the corona pandemic)

Tourist visa

German, Austrian and Swiss citizens enter the country as tourists for 90 days with a valid passport and do not need a consular visa. The passport must be valid for at least six months at the time of entry.

The tourist visa is filled in before arriving on the plane. Upon entry you get a stamp in your passport, as well as a copy of the tourist visa, which should be kept in a safe place as you will need it again when you leave the country.

For around US $ 100 you can extend your stay by 90 days. The application for this can either be carried out at the responsible “Departamento de Extranjería” or at the respective “Gobernación Provincial”.

For a stay of more than 3 months, the tourist visa “residente temporario” is applied for. It is valid for one year. The visa can be converted into a permanent residence permit. This is requested from the Chilean Ministry of the Interior.

Tourist visa with single or multiple entry


  • Valid passport (valid for at least six months)
  • Police registration
  • Certificate of employment
  • Address and contact person in Chile
  • In some cases an invitation letter is necessary
  • An affidavit must be signed by the applicant stating that the undersigned undertakes not to stay in the country for longer than the approved period and at the same time only to appear as a tourist
  • 3 passport photos

An extension of up to ninety days can be applied for at the immigration office of the Ministry of the Interior. The processing time is approximately four weeks if the applicant pays the fax fee.

After the visa has been issued, there is a period of 90 days to enter Chile. The applicant must collect the visa personally at the consulate.


Items that are intended for the personal use of the person entering the country during the journey and stay can be imported duty-free.

There is an import ban on fresh food (dairy products, fruit and vegetables, meat and sausage products) and plants. Guns, drugs and pornography may not be imported under any circumstances.

There is no limit to the amount of foreign currency that can be imported and exported.

For new goods carried in personal luggage (which must generally be registered), the upper limit is generally US $ 500. In addition, customs must be paid.

For foreigners who enter Chile with a visa, special customs relief apply.

Traveling to Chile - Entry Requirements

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