There Are Items That Do Not Understand How But Ravage

There are times that you go to the store, you look at a garment and think how is it possible that someone designed this? This same happened to see the clonazo of Celine shoes in Zara. I didn’t see you no what and suddenly Wham! Invasion of the clone in all fashion blogs. How? I guess that for tastes the colors, I’m no longer so to fashion or that I just don’t find you the what, but the truth is that this footwear has swept this season Spring-summer 2013.

The same theory spent this winter with the platform sneakers (originating from) Isabel Marant). While personally flips me version the French designer, half the population is appalled.

Although I must admit that this footwear has its point and his roll. But I think that they are 50 or 60 euros, now I’m not entirely sure, a price that (personally) would not pay.

Skirt, pants, short… On the variety is the spice and each of them shows us how to wear it.

What final look do you prefer?