The Trendiest of Diadora: Slippers My 84 Basket with Used Effect

The trendiest of Diadora for the season is inspired in the slippers the legendary team of Dino Meneghin, the Italian national basketball team that won the European gold and silver in the Olympic Games in Moscow in the 1980s.

With this model, pure basket, in the collection Diadora Heritage, the Italian firm returns with renewed aires and details of the highest quality. So, once again, appealing spirit eighties and basket that both dazzles personnel.

My Basket 84 Used It stands out above all for special treatments that are submitted in their manufacture, where stone washing and waxing manual give the shoe a unique look that prides itself of double effect used/dirty.

It includes perforations at toe and sides for greater breathability. The removable insole is leather and as detail, another pair of cords of colors is included. We have to choose between three combinations of colors: black/white, white and Navy-Blue. Sold for €160,00.