The Sneakers of Saturdays Surf NYC: How Important Is Inside

If I tell you Saturdays Surf NYC already you should sound something because in our first Trendencieros travelers, we went to New York to discover the most interesting shops, and this was one of the chosen. In it we find from surfboards, until a perfect grooming products, passing through more urban collections.

You can not miss the t-shirts with the logo of the brand but today we are going to discover one of the models of the new SS NYC shoes collection. The sneakers of Saturdays Surf NYC are practices, basic but what more me has liked, and although usually cheesy tell it, is its interior.

The polka dots they are the protagonists of the models Mike & Joy that can be found at a very interesting price. The simplicity of its exterior contrasts with the fun print inside and is that moles or dots have been long wanting to conquer the male wardrobe.

But you will say and what I serve if it is not going to be? You have every reason but the high shoe model, the Mike, We can play with the tongue or with edges so yes they can see. Do not you think? To my they liked, does not seem to me a spectacular thing, but yes a good choice for the journal.