The Famous Edge The Tips of His Shoes and Sandals. and You?

Shoes with light and sound signaling because of a beautiful and well outputs points. Some shoes out part can become, at one point, in a stab just who you want and seek to defend you from any danger (that nobody wants it). The shoes at tip follow fashion and the famous single them for street and party. Any shoe just converting to the religion of the sharp peak.

Electrified tips

Miranda Kerr opts for a few salon shoes for the street, in electric blue in a colorful combination thanks to hand bag of Alexander McQueen in a striking Orange butane along with printed blouse and the capri in black.

Platforms or without them? All in beige

Diane Kruger not only points to the fashion of the cropped tops, but it also chooses a successful pair of shoes that not losing so much taste by the sharp. This time, the German actress softens a little more both pointed finish with these Christian Louboutin you are right 100% with your design and tilted Strip.

Mollie King also it has opted for the soft tones as the nude this time to some good platforms. Typical platforms of TopShop that the problem of growing a few centimeters is determined. Heels of scandal, fine and in danger of falling off scaffolding to the minimum of change.

Jobs with beige tones and nude lap, Kim Kardashian is wearing pregnancy uncut, since curves not nobody, beats or peculiar outfits. Do you imagined you this Lanvin lucid in this way? It cost a bit to see the original silhouette. Next to it a pair of sandals at tip of Christian Louboutin, nothing down to the flat and easy.

Christian Louboutin dominates the red carpet

The passion of the famous (and the rest of mortals) by Christian Louboutin designs is something worthy of study. The signature is the most-watched on the red carpet almost unbeatable. Rachel Bilson is one for which opt for it in his most oft-repeated version: the shoes in black. This time combined with a design of RAF Simons for Dior.

Thandie Newton opt for a vintage design of Swee thing to combine the black tip of Christian Louboutin shoes for partying.

Up to Kristen Stewart is one of those that are not removed from their Christian Louboutin the red carpet, with a set of Osman game (which seems of Louis Vuitton).

And a pointed boot?

Not all have why be shoes or Sandals for party. The street and every day also have their tips in a more comfortable shoe. Katie Holmes opt for this model of Rag & Bone generous heel.

While, Nina Dobrev also choose something similar but this time of Isabel Marant and in Black Suede with a casual set.


Kenya’s local content promotion website: August 2009

Kenya's local content promotion website: August 2009


Kenya’s local content promotion website: August 2009

Kenya's local content promotion website: August 2009