The Chanel Sneakers, Born to Become a Cult Object

If a few years ago come to us to say that the famous sports shoe -that our mothers let us use only when we did sport-, was going to become the undisputed protagonist of the parade autumn/winter 2014-2015 of Chanel, I am sure that many would think that we were joking.

However, like many things in this life, the reality surpasses fiction. Especially when signed by Karl Lagerfeld, who has decided to transcend the initial of the footwear sports function, so join – in their own right – part of our daily wardrobe.

During the Haute Couture fashion show spring-summer 2014 held last January, the Kaiser shook to the ground all the prevailing to date codes matching the symbol par excellence of femininity, the corset, with the sports shoe.

Its proposal, although surprising, seems to have been to the liking of the majority, since it has become for its new autumn collection to Repeat the formula When it comes to accesorizar their new creations.

But although these sports maintain its thick rubber outsole, with iconic double-C Chanel, the designer has used luxury materials in the manufacture of the rest of the parties: tweed with multiple effects (pins, tissues, loops…), velvet, leather laminate, cracked or iridescent, in different associations dominated by black and pink, Orange, black and gold, red and green, pink and silver, etc..

These Sports of luxe They can be both with a suit jacket and leggings, a jacket or a dress at night (remember Princess Carolina of Monaco, but the day of the feast of the rose of the Principality!). In keeping with this same spirit, teachers artisans shoemakers them have declined also type boot lace-up knee, in twenty different combinations of fabrics and colors.

It is clear that the new Chanel sneakers they respond to all values of the House, and also their requirements of quality and know-how when it comes to manufacture them. There is more to observe his attention for detail and the energy given off.

But you probably do that its design transcending, wing in a cult object, is associated to the image of a parade which took place in a supermarket between cans and metal baskets to make the purchase. If Andy Warhol lifted head, sure that aplaudiría this view as Pop Art of Karl Lagerfeld. What opinaría Mlle. Chanel, now I’m not so sure!