The Boots UGG Is Reinvented to Look The Feet More Warm with Much Style and Copying to The ‘It Girls’

It’s time for Christmas travel and shopping days, so to cope with the cold and not give up comfort, one of the most popular firms is UGG. The brand has evolved over the years and every season surprises us with new updates, without sacrificing its identity. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the first Ambassador of the firm, teaches us different models in a fun making off.

In these images, we can see that there is a shoe for every occasion. The classic original boot has expanded to new models, completely reinvented, new colors, loaded up with heels and details.

The boot UGG retains the hallmark of the firm, the skin inside sheep to keep our feet warm and comfortable, but on this occasion transports you to different designs, boots military style knotted or boots with and without laces. A firm that the famous do not resist.

Alexa Chung, is also girl UGG, not only because it is addicted to the firm, if not because it is the new Creative Director of the upcoming campaign. The it girl is unstoppable in the fashion world, a world that loves.

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