Tanzania as a Destination Country

Tanzania as a Destination Country

Tanzania is a land of white sandy beaches, stunning mountains and stunning national parks.

In search of wild nature

According to countryaah, Tanzania is a country of about 38 million residents in East Africa. Breathtakingly stunning nature, Tanzania is one of Africa’s most popular tourist destinations – with spectacular national parks as well as long sandy beaches and mountain scenery within the same borders.

Many travelers travel to Tanzania in pursuit of national parks to participate in safaris. Seeing wildlife in the savannahs up close is an experience that will never be forgotten. An adventure holiday in Tanzania can be continued, for example, on a hiking trip in the Kilimanjaro mountains – Did you know that there are easy routes in the area for beginners as well?

As the adventure begins to take off, the batteries can be recharged for a couple of days lying on the white sandy beaches on the island of Zanzibar, for example. In addition to the fine sandy beaches, peace is found in Tanzania – mass tourism has not rolled over the beautiful country.

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Tropical weather all year round

Short for TZ by abbreviationfinder, Tanzania has pleasantly warm weather all year round, but this varies from region to region. Even though you travel to the country in all seasons, it is worth avoiding the rainy months between March and May.

The hottest tourist season coincides with the Christmas holidays, when prices for flights and accommodation go up considerably. The best time to travel to Tanzania is autumn, when the weather is pleasant and there are no tourists until rush hour.

In addition to safaris and hiking, Tanzania’s most popular activities include diving, climbing and fishing. Many tourists also want to admire the country’s rare nature from a hot air balloon ride. The best places to shop are in cities like Dar es Salaam and Arusha, where local handicrafts, jewelery and home decor are great for souvenirs.

Good to know about Tanzania

Tanzania is a suitable destination for adult holidaymakers enjoying nature and activities. Of course, in places like Zanzibar, you can also have a relaxed beach holiday.

Finnish tourists need a visa to Tanzania, which can be obtained either through the embassy in Sweden or by queuing at the airport. When traveling to Africa, care should also be taken to provide the necessary vaccinations and malaria medication.

Tanzania is a relatively safe destination, but care must be taken. Pocket thefts and robberies occur especially in major cities and tourist destinations, but violent crime is less common against tourists. Moving alone in the dark is not recommended. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has warned Finns not to travel to the border regions of Western Tanzania.

Before the trip, you should always read the Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ up-to-date travel bulletin.


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Long flight to your destination

Package trips to Tanzania can be inquired from tour operators offering beach holidays in Zanzibar – however, the country is not usually one of the guide resorts, but is best suited for self-employed travelers. Tours, on the other hand, can be inquired about, for example, from travel agencies specializing in long-distance travel.

Self-employed travelers can look for scheduled flights to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s largest city. There is no direct flight connection from Finland to the country. Round-trip flights to Tanzania cost around € 1,000.

Varied accommodation available

Tanzania offers accommodation for all kinds of budgets. Beach resorts offer luxury resorts and more modest hotels, and in large cities the range of accommodation is even wider. The star rating of hotels in Tanzania is generally not in line with Western perceptions – one or two star hotels can be very simple.

There are also a wide range of options for safari travelers. There are now a choice of top-class hotels and so-called luxury tents in the national parks, but you can save money by staying modestly on the grounds.

Getting around Tanzania

The easiest and fastest way to move within Tanzania is by flying. However, domestic flights can be quite costly and some airlines have a questionable reputation.

Car rental in Tanzania should be treated with caution, as the roads are in poor condition in places and traffic rules are not paid attention to in a Western way. Left-hand traffic adds to the inconvenience of driving. For many travelers, the preferred option is to hire a local driver.

In Tanzania, you can also get there by train or bus. When using both outright games, the goods should be taken special care of, as thefts are common.


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