Supra and His Model ‘The Henry’, Eclecticism Become Footwear

For many, this model of the firm Supra, The Henry, will be nothing new. In fact is already in the market a few months but because the campaign so strong that they are doing for Christmas, has seen increased its sales by almost 50% and possibly be cannon-fodder in the sales (if you manage to find them in a FootLocker or any official Supra Distributor), what from or I’m going to do a bit of emphasis on them, because without a doubt it is a great sneaker, with enough style (or at least one different style) and above all in Spain, novel.

By what eclectic? Well mainly because it has a little bit of each firm and manages to unify three types of sneaker/boot in a single. Style high top we see already caused furor last year with the model Adidas Originals Trefoil Hi attached to the canvas and thick hours of signatures as Camper or Loreak Mendian in their models, make these boots a few multipurpose able to endure by the city and the mountain without apens suffer wear and tear.

And in case outside little, offered them in a range of five colors different, with interchangeable cords and two different models, one in vintage Edition effect age in tissue, and other much more lustrous reminiscent in appearance and aged skin to the Dr. Martens. And of course its unmistakable fabric padding on accordion at the rear of the boot. Different, innovative, and quite versatile… What more can we ask for?