Suede Shoes: What Are the Options, How to Use and What to Do to Conserve?

Who never had a footwear of suede? Is a shoe, a sneaker or a boot male any.

Suede Shoes What Are the Options, How to Use and What to Do to Conserve

Despite all the charm that this material has, many people still do not know it well and are afraid at the time of purchase.

In most cases, this happens because they believe that the suede is a fragile material, difficult to clean or take care of. But contrary to what many think, if well taken care of to boot suede can last for many years like any other piece of leather.

In addition, part of grace is the fact it can be more desolate. The suede shoes do not require constant care – such as a shoe social male that must always be well polished for special occasions. As well as the jeans that fades or a backpack from canvas, part suede accepts very well the trademarks of their adventures everyday.

With the right model, you can leave a visual seriously very more casual, to combine, for example, a loafer made of suede with custom or pants social jacket.

In the text today I will show you how you can enjoy this material poorly understood and use more boots and shoes made in suede.

What is suede?

Although super soft, the suede is not a fabric as many speak. It is a kind of leather extremely soft and versatile.

There are several types of leather and what differentiates them is basically the animal source and the type of treatment given to skin this animal.

In the process of making the suede more common, the skin of the leather is starting in the middle, separating the flower, which is the top layer, your bottom layer, called the zest. After the chemical treatments, this bottom layer happens to be the suede.

A very important fact for us in Brazil is that visually, in my opinion, the difference between a good suede, and a suede bad is very small. This means that the appearance of a shoe, cheap suede is not as inferior in relation to the premium as is the case with other leathers.

The other type of suede is also known as the leather upside down, it is the inner part of the skin of the animal. Out there, this is called Rough Out Leather.

The Rough Out Leather is more thick because the skin is not cut in half. Here, she literally upside-down. A boot made with this type of leather has the smooth leather that usually stands out, even without the liner.

A curiosity is that this type of suede was used by soldiers of various countries in the World Wars, including the boondocker boots of the americans.

Still doubt the strength of the suede? What is his daily walk near the largest conflict in the history of mankind.

How to use suede shoes

Now that you already know that you can buy pieces of suede without fear, let’s talk about the main types of men’s shoes made with this material and how you can use them.

To begin with, it is worth saying that the suede can be used in virtually all occasions. Personally, I just avoid meetings more formal, but it has everything to do with a wedding day.

All footwear suede is more casual than its counterpart in smooth leather. This is very cool, because the footwear ends up helping to relax combinations austere.

At the same time, the suede creates a point of balance between styles of shoes more formal and pieces, stripped down, as a pair of jeans.

The same happens with boots look rigid, you gain a certain lightness to folk when they are in suede.

A parenthesis on the use of rough out leather

Because of the high abrasion resistance suede rough out leather and of the possibility to be done a waterproofing treatment with application of oil, boots made with this leather are excellent companions for fans of the style workwear.

They can accompany the user for various stories, acquiring always more personality.

Although I tend to stay with the bristles ruffled after use, accumulating dust and giving rise to some spots, this feature stops the boot is made in this material with the appearance of being more robust and, consequently, more warrior.

Even without a lot of care, suede may become even more beautiful with the passing of the years. After all, part of its charm if should rightly to the aspect used.

Below I’ll talk of my styles of boots and shoes favorite suede in and share some photos. Who knows, you may find a new inspiration to experiment with your style.

Suede boots

There are a series of boots in the market and the vast majority can enter into the place of tennis, or even replace that boot worker to give that lightness that we talk and unwind the stereotype “man boots”.

Check out some of the styles:

Chukka Boots and Desert Boots

These classics are connected to the sport of Polo and to the campaigns of the british army in african countries during the Second world War.

I believe that the players of polo calçavam these boots low during the intervals. With time, they have probably gone to the casual wardrobe.

I like the reference to the range of the players of polo. Makes Me think it is a boot for those who like to be aligned even in moments of leisure.

The desert boots are the versions that are ultra casual of chukkas. Inspired by the desert, as evidenced by the name, they arrived in England based on the shoes seen in Cairo during the Second War.

The main difference between the two the soles crepe and the format usually more rounded.

Chelsea Boots

A classic that became very famous in the 60s after the Beatles to use with frequency. The boot chelsea is characterized by a elastic band on the side.

The cliché is that are best used with tights over tights, but can be combined with wider pants hem short, or even as well loose in the ankle.

At the time of purchase to be aware of the format. The larger, rounded and high is your chelsea’s, the more casual it will be. With a rustic look are great to combine with jeans.

Work Boots

The variations of work boots with or without laces, they are amazing in suede.

Makes everything less factory and more field. Least the industrial revolution, more cowboys & indians, more folk. I chose the photos above, instagram @simpleunion, because they are a good example of how the suede makes them more “user-friendly” styles of boot worker.

In addition, the old army of suede are quite amazing and pass a air vintage.

Suede shoes

There are several styles of shoe in suede. Basically, all men’s shoe tying, and all loafer male can be done on this material.

For me, the shoe suede is show. When the model is social too to use with jeans, just exchange for the same thing in suede.

You combined even with tailored clothes to give that casual feel which we have already spoken. The texture is perfect with the crumpled fabrics of summer, and also with the rough fabrics of the winter.

Loafers suede

Versatile and quite comfortable, the loafer can be worn in any occasion. Is the casual shoes the original, when still there was the tennis.

To be quite versatile, you can combine it with shorts, jeans or pants social, and thus obtain a result of “casual”.

Is considered in european countries as a shoe of summer and in these cases, you can put them on without socks. However, those who like a retro style, you can render to pay homage to the style “Ivy Leangue” and use it with white socks, to the horror of the consultants of style.

Derby and Oxford: Shoes tie made in suede

The men’s shoes tie tend to be more social, being the derby the least formal.

The oxford suede is better positioned along with a suit made of fabric with at least a slight texture. I don’t like seeing in pictures with a wool cold, but I think it looks very good with hopsack, fresco, linen or even tweeds.

To assemble a more formal style with Oxford, he being suede, you can compose a visual with fabrics to more casual in the winter (like the tweed), or in summer you can combine it with linen or cotton.

The ideal, for me, is that they have some kind of brogue to balancer the seriousness inherent of oxford and the relaxation of the suede.

The derby is another story. In suede, great with trousers jeans or trousers chino. A brogue with pants and blazer is excellent. An air of intellectual fun, kind Robbin Williams in the Dead Poets Society

After getting to know the styles and the versatility of suede shoes, has to realize that there are several ways you can incorporate a pair into your closet.

Depending, of course, the rules of your style and personality. There is now a plethora of models on the market, it is always has the shoes suede. The model this is ideal for a more visual sport.

Now, as nothing lasts forever, I’ll give you some tips for your shoe at least follow a firm for many years.

How to keep your suede shoes

All that is casual, like jeans or a leather jacket, embraces marks of use. Shoes in suede do not require an exaggerated concern with the cleaning.

This is very good, but the appearance is not the only reason to care and clean your shoe. The durability is also affected by the use, and no point in spending a ton of money with shoes new if it is not to keep you in the proper way, be it suede or any other type of leather.

Here are some tips:

  • First make sure that your shoe is dry. Then pass a brush, always in the direction of the fiber. These brushes you can find in supermarkets or shoe stores, but you can even use a soft toothbrush.
  • If you prefer, before you leave home to apply some kind of impermeabilizador (also on sale at shoe stores). It helps protect from dirt and makes cleaning easier, especially if your shoes are light in colour.
  • If any stain is bothering you, you can also use a white rubber, these common school. But attention, do not use in any way rubber color because the dye can be transferred to the leather. Also do not use white rubber on shoes dark.
  • For stubborn stains you can purchase a cleaner for suede for sale in shoe shops and supermarkets. Mostly they are products in spray easy to apply and it can soften the dirt more difficult through its deep foam.
  • If you step in the mud, let the mud dry for 24 hours. After you pass a stiff bristle brush to remove all the mud. If still remains any stain moisten the brush with a little water and remove the toughest. Let it dry naturally.
  • Oil stains on your boots are very difficult to be withdrawn, but not impossible. Apply a thin layer of cornmeal and leave it to act during the whole night. If the footwear is light in color you can also use talc. Remove excess product with a cleaning brush.

These are some tips, and here I have prepared a guide how do I clean my suede shoes.

Like to learn more about this material? If you liked any model of shoe or boot, and enjoyed the style of any photo, don’t be afraid to buy a product in this material. In our tropical country of culture, casual, is one of the best ways of incorporating styles more social or heavy.