An evening in Stuttgart is quickly spent exploring local wines.


Mersu is number one in Stuttgart

Impressive of both its architecture and exhibition, the Mercedes-Benz Museum is the city’s number one attraction. Especially in the dark, the museum’s futuristic look stands out from afar. This destination should not be missed, even if you are no longer a car person or even interested in technology.

In an interesting and illustrative way, the museum presents not only the history of the automotive industry, but also the phenomena related to the liberalization and facilitation of movement, social events and the fascinating history of the last century and a half. Also on display are well-known cars, such as Princess Diana’s burgundy Mercedes and a custom-made car called “ Pope’s Mobile” by Pope John Paul II .

Porsche’s own museum is also of the same quality in terms of both its appearance and its exhibition. It is second only to Mercedes in terms of size. If you just have enough time, you should definitely visit both car giant centers.

Schlossplatz and Königstrasse

Schlossplatz is the heart of Stuttgart city center. The green square is filled on summer days with both locals and tourists stopping for a picnic, playing or otherwise just spending time in a comfortable environment. One of the pages of Schlossplatz is dominated by the handsome Neues Schloss, which still houses state agencies.

The main shopping street, Königstrasse, runs alongside the square. The Königstrasse starts directly opposite the train station and all the main shopping and department stores can be found along it and in the surrounding quarters. Of the important shopping areas, only the luxury department store Breuninger is left out of Königstrasse, but it can also be found less than a 5-minute walk from the edge of the market square.

Pop in the market and market hall

Stuttgart’s market hall is a charming representative of the Art Nouveau style. Its aromas and flavors entice the gourmet to shop – or at least watch and taste. Few manage to walk through the market hall without grabbing tastings.

Vegetables, food and flowers are sold in two markets, almost next door. A month before Christmas, the markets turn into a wonderful Christmas market and take over a large part of the nearby neighborhoods as well. Shopping at Stuttgart’s Christmas market will take place by busload from Switzerland and Austria.

Finnish colors can also be seen in Karsplatz Square during Christmas, when the Finnish Christmas village of Kalevala Spirit sets up a number of red cottages to sell Finnish handicrafts, warp salmon and mulled wine.

Beer festival in spring and autumn

Is Oktoberfest attractive? Beer in a liter of tea and dancing and singing in a hilarious atmosphere? You can experience it even better in Stuttgart than in Munich .

The festivities in Munich are already starting to be crowded with tourists, but in Stuttgart the Germans are still in the majority. The expenditure is exactly the same and the scale of the two events is not much different. The annual beer festival, called Stuttgarter Volksfest , is held at Cannstatter Wasen east of downtown and attracts up to 3.5 million visitors time and time again to enjoy beer and Schlagers. A similar outing is offered by the spring Frühligsfest in early May each year.

Gourmet Stuttgart

Stuttgart’s busiest restaurant district can be found on Calwer Straße, just a stone’s throw from the shopping bustle of Königstrasse. The most famous restaurant serving local delicacies is Calwer Eck, which also has its own brewery. If German food feels too crowded, there are also many other tastings to be found on Calwer Strasse. The right address for the gourmet’s gift shopping is Feinkost Böhm .

Local delicacies include hearty meat dishes and perhaps the most well-known single dish is Maultaschet, meaning meat- or vegetable-filled dumplings that are typically prepared by cooking or frying in a pan.

The Ritter Sport chocolate factory and factory shop are located in the Stuttgart region , which is an easy place to visit for car holidaymakers and is especially popular with families with children.

Relax on the wine slopes and pop into the wine museum

Calling Uhlbach a district sounds confusing, because although the place belongs to the city of Stuttgart, it is more reminiscent of a small and dormant rural village. The narrow streets hide in their blocks pretty and overlaid gardens and old-fashioned Germany at its most idyllic.

The Grabkapelle Rotenberg in Uhlbach is a burial chapel built by the Prince of Württemberg in memory of his young wife, rising on a high hill lined with wine slopes. The vine-covered slopes dominate the landscape here, and the environment does not really affect the city of half a million inhabitants.

Locals come to Uhlbach for Sunday walks and go out with the whole family. Paved walkways cruise the wine slopes and even for the holidaymaker, walking in stunning scenery is a relaxing experience. In the center of the village, or district, there is a small wine museum that sheds interesting interest on the history of the local wine tradition. The museum restaurant is a nice place to breathe after a wine snack.



Stuttgart has many beautiful parks and squares where you can spend time.

The best cafes and restaurants in Stuttgart

  • Café Künstlerbund: Cozy restaurant and terrace right in the heart of Schlossplatz
  • Sky Beach: Enjoy a coffee, a drink or spend a long evening on the rooftops of the city
  • Grand Café Planie, a café on the edge of Karsplatz, offering excellent cakes and pastries

The best views of Stuttgart

  • TV tower
  • Grabkapelle Rotenberg
  • Railway station tower: look over the whole city center and at the same time see the Stuttgart 21 project, which presents the city’s major city center construction project
  • Top-floor restaurant in the Museum of Modern Art

The most interesting museums in Stuttgart

  • Mercedes-Benz Museum
  • Porsche Museum
  • Staatsgalerie
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • Uhlbach Wine Museum
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