Steve Madden, Another Brand in Falling into The Clutches of Chiara Ferragni

Cansadica has me Chiara Ferragni, and not for nothing, but also because firms do not stop take advantage of pull which has the blonde and you they propose more and more collaborations. What it (such as girl list that is) leverages and is made with one more firm. Not content with having his own signature shoes and a line with the Italian firm Superga, now turn to Steve Madden. From there this week to be many magazines making echo of this last collaboration and portals: The blonde salad x Steve Madden.

Originality is not on the agenda, there that we find the well-known sneakers that Givenchy y Celine they put fashion in reptilian version of Leopard or Gold scales (which most I have called attention). In addition, own blogger takes this form and add lace in her own line of footwear Spring-summer 2014.

The collection is the widest, with sandals heel, flat shoes and many prints down the road. But one stays with the feeling of ni fu ni fa. More of the same, although of course it is, if firms rely on it because it sells insurance.

Do you think the? expansion of this girl?