Sixtyseven Spring-Summer 2013: Mixing Heights

Sixtyseven is imposed with force with bold and daring designs Spring-summer 2013. the firm, which reminds me of Mustang, proposes comfortable shoes to wear on a daily basis and at an economical price.

In this bold collection sandals with very high wide heel and platforms, betting on the work of skins and the mix of colors where Brown and black they share protagonism with Greens, reds and mustards.

Bloggers as Lady Addict already look them.

Details like bracelets that are attached to the ankle, metallic skins or shims made from Cork or glitter are another way of making a neutral shoes make your outfit winner.

For already a few seasons, the footwear closed as boots and booties, they are not just for winter and Sixtyseven works these lasts and their skins so you can wear them in summer. I love how they combine with dresses.

They are presented in crocheted materials so you perspire, lighter and adaptable, in all the palette of Browns. They are comfortable and chic designs. To them makes us harm absolutely everything, they are the best choice for coping with your long days.

Can not miss the flat sandals with details of tacks, smooth, animal print, glitter or metallized. That Yes, left virtually bare foot with just two or three strips.

There is also space for zapataillas daring in sport version, with striking platforms, which by the way, I could see in the musical who matter.