Shoes Joseph Paschoal Bootmaker

Quality is better than quantity. I don’t have many readers here but I’m always surprised when any of them says anything. I don’t know how comes to stop here, but the reviews are sensational, as for example in this post about footwear construction, goodyear welted. Thank you guys!

Shoes Joseph Paschoal Bootmaker

Fernando Paschoal Xavier is from a family of cobblers who have worked with this type of footwear in the 60’s and 70’s. After many years of inactivity, he decided to gather a group old to go back to making shoes palmilhados brand Joseph Paschoal Bootmaker. It is a big challenge, he said:

“Practically all steps are hand-made. Are shoes made to last, with great technique and attention to detail. We make shoes because we love and our heart goes along with them!! It takes so much time to make them a which to cling.”

The information is that Joseph Paschoal is making shoes palmilhados (goodyear without the machine) and “Blake Rapid”. The finish follows the line of the shoes itailanos and French (patina, dyeing, paintings, elaborate, etc.). Fernando has confirmed that even in France, the land of the shoes, it is difficult to find equipment and who work with shoes palmilhados:

“The lines Goodyear, which are composed by several machines, are incomplete. Always has one of the five machines missing, and the others need maintenance. There are not many mechanics who know how to do what you need. The other problem is to find those who will operate them. There are not many people who want to. The majority already at an advanced age and no longer has a layout, not to mention the requirement of adaptation to the safety standard (NR12), practically impossible in equipment with this age. Even with the machines, the process is 80% competence of the operator.Even finding the equipment, it is still almost impossible to find the operator. Just the same, forming the workforce.”

The raw material also seems to be a challenge. Among the difficulties are the leather insoles:

“Frank is everything that is kind, that does not have can be made. What happens is that the price is salty, because there is no production line for insoles as well”.

The leather also is not easy to achieve because

“the industry curtidora prioritizes the production of leather upholstery furniture and automotive industries, in addition to export. What’s left here in the most often has the lower class and are produced with a focus on the lowest price harming the final product.”

To complete, it is hard to find leather soles with quality, although there are alternatives even more adapted for use on sidewalks brazilian.

“We only have 4 tanneries in Brazil producing volume with quality and geared for export. The demand on the domestic market low, since footwear with outsole leather on the Brazil are few compared to the outsole rubber, pvc and TR. A leather double jump also of leather (most of the jump is MDF (medium density fiberboard) and rubber hood costs almost the same as a pair of shoes popular.”

I’ll still talk more with them about the result of the experience with the production of palmilhados and the evolution of the brand. This news of fashion leather said that the shoes are made-to-order, that is, if the look of the collection does not please the client, it probably also has the possibility of collaborating in the creation. It is a project that is well interesting! I’m anxious to see what direction the brand will follow.