Sandala If Using Talk

One of the summer’ströttsammaste snack isar has without a doubt been the flip flopens be or not to be outside of the beach. Take a walk down to the Center in any city in this country, and keep your eyes five centimeters above the ground. It will not take long before you realize that it’s not where the problem lies. To even discuss the abuse of flip flops are like to teasing on the Bumblebee who happens to be in the swarm of Hornets. It’s a luxury problem as we can respond only once we have cleared our streets from the real style villain; The well-fitting sandal. For me the ending the summer with this idea and I hope that you will take with you, registration for the summer of 2007.

It’s not that I begrudge anyone the comfort that comes with a pair of comfortable shoes, but somewhere you have to take a stand. Do you think that the appearance is important? You have come to the realization that it more than just a superficial way can affect your life? The answers are Yes, then these Sandals has no place in your wardrobe. For many, it is already obvious, this writing thus is not for you. No, this is a call to action that especially goes out to all of you at the bar counter level appears to be in control, but that trip somewhere around the ankles. For you see, are many.

No pointer is something the host if it is not coupled with an outstretched hand. Here comes my hand: you must necessarily have sandals? Treat yourselves as a Classic shoe with, well at least a little style. Otherwise, there are countless summer shoes for your feet. Vans, loafers, basketdojor of conversesnitt or normal sneakers, everything is really better. You skip the stockings and use TALC (rubbed on the foot or inside of the shoe and can be purchased at most sports stores). With talcum eliminates perspiration and odor and wins the freedom that comes with not having a sauna the socks. Then just walk around on the street as well as the beach, safe in the knowledge that you have escaped the worst of the summer’s fashion mistakes.