Rita Ora X Superga: What’s New (On Models) Friend?

A few months ago and we show you the new face of Superga: signature suggestive of Alexa Chung and tab to Rita Ora, singer fashion par excellence. And today we know that this signing is something more than a simple campaign agreement, because the singer has designed three models of this shoe so throughout life. Yes, the truth is that they don’t have much of this world, though that eccentric touch that it is defined is present at all times.

As already said above, these three models designed by Rita they come in metallic tones: Silver, gold, and blue sky. And although at first instance may seem extreme, the truth is that they give that different touch to the final outfit. Although honestly, I don’t think that it is so. and not me wrong, what I mean is that they can say that they are designs of Rita Ora, but if not tell it me would give me the same…

What do you think?