Reebok Sneakers That Tone The Buttocks While Walking

Toning the buttocks is one of the main objectives of many, especially in midsummer where bathing suits left out this part of the body. For this reason, a new athletic shoes have been created by Reebok, especially to get in shape and besides, for toning the buttocks as we walked.

The new Reebok Shoes for women, model Easy Tone, they serve not only to walk comfortably, but that as we walk along the beach, they invigorate the glutes and leg muscles due to a special sole which focuses the work in these areas of the body.

Through balance pillows incorporated into the sole of the shoes, the new Reebok EasyTone allow improving muscular tone as much as a 28% in buttocks y legs women that fit them to perform activities of daily living.

Prior to its launch tests compared the effectiveness of the EasyTone regarding other normal sports footwear and checked that the toning improved 11% in femoral, 11% in twins and 28% in buttocks with the use of the new model of Reebok.

The EasyTone come in 7 different styles with varied shades of colors, very attractive to the eye, so in addition to taking care of your feet with a good sports shoes, lights a beautiful shoe that increase muscle tone with the simple act of walking.

Their price is not lower given the great details and benefits offered by their use, since they cost around $100 pair.

They are ergonomic footwear that in addition to taking care of the foot while we run or practice sports, allow us to make the muscle toning, so I think its repcio is reasonable and we could enjoy a lot of these slippers which, on the other hand, look great.