Places to Visit in India

Places to Visit in India

You must experience these in India

Jeep Safari and Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park is located in the heart of India and has an area of ​​almost 2,000 km2. Side by side, all sorts of exotic animals live in the park. On a jeep safari through Kanha’s green bamboo jungle, you will see the source of inspiration behind Rudyard Kipling’s world-famous story from 1894, The Jungle Book.

According to vaultedwatches, Kanha National Park is just one of India’s many amazing national parks but definitely worth a visit. Kanha rarely disappoints if one wants to experience the wildlife in picturesque surroundings. According to experts, this national park is also one of the safest places to go on a tiger safari.

Overnight with a kettu wall lamb at Kerala backwaters

Kerala backwaters is an impressive network of small natural rivers and canals in the Indian state of Kerala. Here you have an absolutely fantastic opportunity to experience India from a kettu wall lamb – an Indian houseboat typically with beds, toilet and outdoor area.

From the boat you can watch the life of the local villages unfold. Laundry, bathing, fishing and trade are all done in and around Kerala backwaters. The lush nature around the rivers is so beautiful and so far from what we know in the Nordic countries.

Your Kettuvallam probably stops by the market town of Alleppey. Here is packed with delicious goods such as coconut, spices and silk. The boat trip on Kettuvallam and a visit to Alleppey is a whole new way to dive into Indian culture.

Kovalam beach paradise

The beaches at the town of Kovalam, guarantee good weather, sunbathing and self-pampering. Enjoy an Ayurvedic treatment – a 4-5,000 year old treatment tradition, where the goal is to find a natural balance with its surroundings.

In Indian, Kovalam means coconut palm grove, and swaying coconut palms you will find as far as the eye can see. On round trips in India where relaxation is the purpose, Kovalam is obvious to visit. The rushing water and the bright sun give peace of mind and soul.

Just a 20-minute drive from beautiful Kovalam is Travancore – a charming town where you can find authentic Indian crafts and many other wonderful Indian souvenirs. A short trip to Travancore can be highly recommended as a break from beach life.

Ganges river and Ganga aarti

In northern India you will find the Ganges River – a river with a very special meaning for Hindus. The water here is considered spiritual, pure and cleansing. Every year a myriad of spiritual souls and curious tourists visit the river on round trips in India.

The “Holy Ganga” originates from Bhagirath in the Himalayas and flows along the Alaknanda River. By the river bank you can experience Ganga-aarti ceremony – an ancient Hindu ritual where the five elements of Hinduism are worshiped.

While torches are lit and ritual songs are sung, it is as if the river bank is boiling. Good people from all over the world such as sanders, sadhus and begging monks flock to these ceremonies. Especially to pay tribute to Shiva, the “strongest” of the Hindu trilogy.

Taj Mahal

On Kipling’s round trips to India, we will rarely let you miss the sight of the Taj Mahal. The colossal mausoleum was built in the years 1632-1653 and is a unique proposal of mogul architecture with the most beautiful marble-clad facade.

Flowers and small quotas are carved into the wall, and a garden, a mosque and a guest house of red sandstone also compliment the sumptuous mansion. The Taj Mahal is adventurous – in fact, the palace is the inspiration behind the Sultan’s palace in Aladdin.

The myth also goes that the great mogul Shah Jahan wanted all 20,000 workers’ hands cut off. This was to be done to ensure that the workers would never again be able to erect something as beautiful and unique as the Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal

Places to experience in India


Delhi is India’s second largest city and also the country’s huge capital with almost 13 million. inhabitants. Here is an old and new district. Tours in India should definitely include both districts.

In Old Delhi, the traffic is heavy and dangerous. Here you will find India’s largest mosque Jama Masjid. In contrast, New Delhi is packed with greenery as well as the Sikhs’ golden temple – Gurudwara Bangla Sahib.


India’s overlooked gem Orchha is a small dusty village located in the Betwa River in the north of the country. When tourists travel in India, the trip is like Orchha, because here India can be experienced without a filter.

Pilgrims roam the streets, and ancient temples pop up at regular intervals. Visit Orchha on your tours in India and you will experience the unspoiled India. Orchha is definitely worth a visit.


The old Toy Train locomotive is an absolute must on round trips in India. The train rolls through the Himalayan mountains of the narrow-gauge railway. Toy Train departs from the beautiful mountain town of Darjeeling.

A must see in Darjeeling are the large tea plantations located in beautiful surroundings. Here you can learn to breed and make the world-famous Darjeeling tea. Whether you are a tea drinker or not, it is a completely unique experience.


In northern India, where the Ganges River descends from the Himalayas, lies Rishikesh – the world’s yoga capital. The atmosphere in the city exudes calm and the relaxing atmosphere is perfect for yoga and meditation.

Rishikesh has many other experiences to offer such as sacred temples, delicious Indian food, cozy shopping, river rafting and much more. Rishikesh is a good starting point for round trips in India.


In northwestern India lies the “blue city” of Jodhpur. The nickname is due to the fact that the houses here light up blue in the evening. This Indian desert city offers many experiences and is definitely worth a visit on your round trips in India.

In Jodhpur there are good shopping opportunities. You will find, among other things, the old Indian Sardar market, where you can buy everything between heaven and earth. If you are in Jodhpur, you must not miss Mehrangarh – a magnificent fort.


When traveling in the south of beautiful India, go exploring in Tanjore. Here one can experience a huge Shiva temple called Brihadishwara. This detailed temple is more than a thousand years old.

Shiva, to which the temple is dedicated, is a Hindu god who destroys evil and protects, creates and transforms the university. The Holy Temple is an experience of a very special caliber.


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