Pierre Hardy and His More Eclectic Facelift in One of Its Iconic Models: The Blockorama

The shoes of Pierre Hardy It was never made for cowards. Always opted for the most bizarre looks, the mixture of textures, by impossible prints larger lasts and the more implausible closures in their shoes. But not all, that Yes, as I already teach in Mensencia, within their collection for autumn/winter 2010 / 2011 had some proposals in moccasins, boots, ankle boots with zippers and buckles or even any sneaker classically inspired quite successful. Nothing to do with the model which I intend to speak to you today.

It’s one eclectic and improved version of its most iconic model: Blockorama. And with him he has tried to make a retrospective of design and prints from today to its origins and collect them all in a same shoe the result? A mix of patterns, textures, colors and designs something dizzying, and without much sense but, as a whole, turn out to be quite aesthetic. Metallics, prints, sky blue nubuck… we have of all and for all.

For supuestĂ­simo that it’s a limited edition of 500 pairs that it will be released next year that we are about to release. What do you think?