Pediatricians Warn of The Danger That They Pose The Sneakers with Wheels

The shoes with wheels have been a real revolution and a bestseller worldwide, to the extent that have already joined a collection of elements with wheels favorites of children, which include bicycles, scooters, skateboards, and now also the sneakers with wheels.

Fun are awhile, safe (more than one would have wanted them small), however it seems that they are also dangerous, and some pediatricians are warning of the danger they pose to children, you suffer falls with them and sometimes to fractures.

Up to five children with fractures in one week

We have read on the blog of the pediatrician Jose Maria Carmona Ponce, who says that he saw in a week up to five girls with a wrist fracture as a result of any fall with this type of sneakers. To discuss it with his trauma they confirmed that it was not coincidence, because almost every day they see injuries caused by the use of these shoes.

And it is that although non-skates, because they only have wheel in the heel of the shoe, at the time that rises the dropout children it can roll as if it were ones, with the difference that most parents put a child carrying skates protections, but not a child who brings sneakers with wheels.

In the United States are a few old known

Apparently, this type of sneakers began to sell in the U.S. back in the year 2000. As sales were increasing accidents were added with them to the point that in 2007 a study was published in the journal Pediatrics with the intention of doing the same thing to this pediatrician: warn of the danger that is of use.

In this study was that with these lesions were more frequent in girls, that the average age of the children who came to the emergency room was 10 years and that, although the most common was producing a wrist fracture, also had arm fractures, dislocations of the elbow and ankle, foot and leg injuries. In addition, they observed that a large number of children (20%) suffered from the accident the first time I used them.

Skates or shoes?

The problem with this type of shoes is that we don’t call them skates, because they are not. They are shoes “on wheels”. In fact, can put is them and remove is them, according to prefer, and many children them carry in your life everyday, even to the College, as if were slippers normal.

Perhaps that is the problem, that are considered slippers and no skates, despite the fact that they have the ability to behave like some skates, losing balance and causing falls in children who still do not dominate.

With this we mean that it is not to do lack a child go with helmet and protections provided to put these shoes, but If the early days to master them you should use them.