Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya is the most active and most “party” resort in the country. There are a lot of bars, discos, restaurants for every taste and a variety of shows. There are bowling alleys, shooting galleries, archery grounds, tennis courts, shopping malls, many shops and shops, a lot of various excursions and entertainment programs.

How to call

8-10-66-38-phone number

Flight / moving

There are two ways to get to Pattaya: a direct flight (charter) from Moscow to the local Utopao airport. Flight duration from Moscow: about 10 hours (non-stop flight).
Or a flight to Bangkok and then a transfer to Pattaya – 2.5 hours by bus (90 THB) or two hours by taxi (20 USD). The fastest way to get here from Bangkok is by taxi.


The main mode of transport in Pattaya is the so-called songthaews, small open vans. They travel on fixed routes unless the destination has been previously agreed with the driver.


The beaches in Pattaya can be divided into two parts: the Central Promenade and Jomtien (14-kilometer sandy strip near the cape south of the city, 5-7 minutes from the center). It is believed that the Jomtien coast is cleaner, but it is best to take a boat to the coral islands, where the sea is really clean and transparent.
Regular boats depart from the Central Embankment or the Pattaya Park Hotel every 30 minutes, the cost of sailing is 8 USD. You can buy an excursion for 15 USD (it includes delivery to the island and lunch).


The resort has many cafes and restaurants: from Asian cuisine to quality French cuisine. A seafood dinner with wine will cost about 50 USD for two.


Half day: Alkazar Show (transvestite costume show) ~15 USD, Nong Nooch Village and Orchid Park ~25 USD, Mini Siam ~30 USD, Snake Farm and cobra show ~30 USD.
For the whole day: fishing on the lake ~90 USD, scuba diving ~95 USD, a trip to Koh Samet ~40 USD.


Water park on the territory of the Pattaya park hotel (cost 100 THB, for children no taller than 1 m – 60 THB). For guests staying at this hotel, the entrance is also paid.
At night, many beer and go-go bars, massage parlors, and local markets are open. The streets are crowded with transvestites, representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation and tourists.
Discos: Paladium (“Palladium”) – the largest in Pattaya, located in the northern part of the city; The hall fills up mostly on weekends. X-zyte (“Ex-site”) is a new and rather popular disco where you can not only dance, but also watch performances of performers accompanied by show groups. Tony’s Tony’s is a popular live music disco in South Pattaya. Disco Duck, Hollywood (“Disco Duck” and “Hollywood”) – Thai discos with concert programs. Star Dice (“Star Dice”) is a disco in North Pattaya, next to the Pattaya Garden Hotel. Marine disco (“Marina Disco”) is a party place on Pedestrian Street, the audience gathers there no earlier than one in the morning. Lucifer (“Lucifer”) is a famous institution on Pedestrian Street.

Pattaya, Thailand

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