Onitsuka Tiger Celebrates with a New Model, The 10th Anniversary of Kill Bill

The past October 10 marked a decade of the premiere of Kill Bill: Volume 1, the work master of suspense and action film directed by Quentin Tarantino. The film, in addition to becoming another movie of worship for followers of the American director, managed to become an icon to a shoe: talk, of course, of the TAICHI model of Onitsuka Tiger.

Difficult to forget the scene in which the bride (Uma Thurman) faces the ‘ 88 maniacos´ sheathed with the tracksuit Bruce Lee and the aforementioned slippers (I’ve seen it about 149.122 times). In fact, my friends and I, every Saturday night play to see who remembers better corresponding to each manic 88 deaths (pass pipe).

How? What do not you know what I’m talking about? Well, as I teach you the scene and the new model Onitsuka Tiger that pay homage to the ten years of life of Kill Bill.

The scene

Note 1: If you haven’t seen the movie, refrain and runs to your ‘ blockbuster´ closest to rent it (wink, wink).Note 2: If you don’t like blood, refrain but not to rent it. Or buy it. Well, you can rent it and buy it, but you can’t see it.

How wonderful.

The sport look of the bride

Comment that Kill Bill was born as an homage to Japanese film director Kinji Fukasaku (Tora! Tora! Tora! and Battle Royal) and inspired by Japanese animation film Blood: The Last Vampire.

For a film of toyinas to the Japanese, Tarantino had the successful idea to dress your character with a review of the mythical tracksuit Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee He died in 1973 while he was immersed in the shooting of Game of Death. The film, unfinished, was completed and premiered five years later (in a rather cumbersome way). The last scene with life that the King of martial arts filmed was with the mentioned sweatshirt and yellow shoes Onitsuka Tiger.

TAI CHI: the model of cult

Tarantino, promoting his latest film Django:Unchained with model TAI CHI

Thirty years after the death of Bruce Lee, Quentin relaunched the Onitsuka Tiger shoe brand to show its protagonist with these sneakers in action scenes. Instantly, the model TAI CHI It became an object of worship and today is worldwide used for practicing martial arts as well as to look at urban looks.

HARANDIA: the new shoe that pays homage

With the model HARANDIA, Onitsuka Tiger seeks to continue enlarging the history of the brand by launching its first shoe sole composed of GEL, the material used for sports footwear ASICS and that helps cushion the tread.

This new model is more powerful than the previous and, thanks to its new property, promises to be a good ally for sport. In addition, design runner, will compete in street style with the ubiquitous New Balance shoes.

I, personally I prefer the model icon TAI CHI and, for this reason, I say goodbye with a video that I have found where a Knight of slanted eyes makes us a review of these shoes.

Attentive, what comes now is very freak.