Nike Relaunching Sneakers Designed by Mark Newson That Remember to… The Case of The IPhone 5 C

Mark Newson, as you very well know was recently incorporated by Jonathan Ive to his team of collaborators within Apple and Nike has just announced that they will again be available designed by him, the Nike Zvezdochka shoes, whose name comes as a tribute to the Russian dog launched into space on Sputnik 10 during the 1960s.

If, as you can see in the pictures that accompanies these lines, we are before a design reminding us enormously to the case presented along with the iPhone 5 c. If you don’t need say who was first, since Nike sneakers were presented for the first time in the year 2004.

Then we have a previous decade of the presentation of the iPhone 5 c, but the truth is that the resemblance is more than evident. This limited reissue will be available from December 29. That will bring the design of Apple with this symbiosis between Mark Newson and Jonathan Ive? Just think of how advanced were these shoes to his time to see that we might soon see a breath of fresh air.