Next Spring on Your Feet: Diadora N9000 NYL Blue Angel

With a successful Restyling, cool and efficient, through a permanent renewal of its range of color combinations the signing of the Veneto continues conquered staff with new models of one of their most iconic Silhouettes: the Diadora N9000.

Exquisite tasting of a sneaker that was originally designed in the 1990s to offer features that integrate stability and cushioning. Precisely because of these technical features, it was chosen by some of the most successful athletes in those years.

The sole and the materials used, which faithfully reproduce the original construction, bring extra comfort to a shoe that is now dressed in a new blue (blue angel) to put the next spring at your feet.

It occurs in a version of nylon and leather suede with a superb compact rubber sole. With white, black and blue, which define the set incorporated to a greys game. Very soon we will see run this silhouette in bright colors. A long distance race.