¿Natalie Joos Apostando Por Las Crocs? If They Do Not Step out There

In this world of street style in which all try to go one step further, be more “trendy” that the rest was just a matter of time that, seeing the success that are taking the ugly shoes, someone will register both the Crocs, the definition of the unsightly par excellence. And that has been Natalie Joos.

With a model of Crocs light blue appears the casting director in the last post of her blog, Talesofendearment, walking along the beach of Normandy. And not only used in a look, but in three different outfits.

Sure many once you have taken the question “would what garment or complement never you put?” I at first answered with such”or which trend but in the last few years, seeing how swallowing me my words, I had to take refuge under the “never say never”. But to that never say never since multicolored plague engulfing beaches and cities of the interior in the summer followed by a “… except to the Crocs”

From here I tell you, Natalie Joos, no cuentes conmigo para esto.