Main Attractions in Turkey

Main Attractions in Turkey


Belek is one of the best hotels in Turkey that meets the new requirements of the time and provides exceptional conditions for a measured and relaxing holiday. Without a doubt, holidays in Belek with children will always be distinguished by increased comfort and a high level of service. The resort is considered an ideal option for a family vacation, since the hotels have all the conditions for children to stay: there are mini-clubs, where specially trained staff are engaged with children from morning to evening, there are playgrounds, playrooms, mini-water parks, during During the day, animation teams work to make the rest fun and varied. But first of all, they come here with children for the wonderful wide sandy and sandy-pebble beaches, shady pine, eucalyptus groves and orange orchards that surround the resort, as well as surprisingly fresh air filled with aromas of pine needles. Belek is located in the Mediterranean climate zone, the summer months are hot and dry here, and the winter is moderate and rainy. The temperature in winter does not fall below 10 °C, the peak of summer temperature can reach 45 °C. The average sea temperature in the summer months is about 27 degrees. When planning a trip to Belek with a child, it is worth considering that the most favorable period for families with small children is the end of May – mid-June and the first half of September.


Kemer is an amazing combination of natural factors: on the one hand, the city is surrounded by mountains protecting from the winds, coniferous forests and orange orchards, and on the other hand, by pebble and sandy-pebble beaches washed by the southern sea. The sea near the beaches is so clean that the bottom can be seen at a depth of up to eight meters! Those who are fond of diving will fully appreciate the beautiful underwater world. It should be noted that there are many hotels in Kemer focused on families with children: with water slides, colorful mini-clubs, children’s pools and rich animation. The Kemer resort area, which includes small tourist villages – Beldibi, Goynuk, Kirish, Camyuva and Tekirova – is located in southern Turkey, west of Antalya International Airport.


Marmaris, a real European resort of a very high class, is famous for having the longest promenade among Turkish resorts with a length of about 4 km with colorful restaurants and cafes, hotels, clubs, souvenir shops. Lined up this continuous chain from the huge yacht port to the mountain that separates Marmaris from Icmeler. The city beach, surrounded by a double line of palm alleys, stretches across the entire bay, framed by mountains with fragrant oleander thickets and pine forests. The climate of Marmaris also plays an important role. Compared to the Antalya coast, here, even in the hottest months, the air is 5-7 degrees lower, there is less humidity, light sea breezes blow, giving tourists a healthy coniferous sea air. The sea here is a little cooler and the water is less salty than in eastern Turkey.

Holidays in Marmaris will bring a lot of pleasure to lovers of scuba diving. There are several diving centers that organize underwater trips and excursions, as well as conduct lessons for beginner divers. The resort’s hotels provide all the modern amenities you need for a comfortable stay and offer unlimited opportunities for water sports. You won’t be bored in the evening either: cozy bars and restaurants of the city await you, and nightclubs and entertainment centers are open almost until dawn.

Having gone to Marmaris, do not forget to buy the main souvenir of the resort – coniferous (pine) honey. You will not find this in any other country in the world.

Marmaris Turkey

Sultan’s Boat Trip (for MICE)


Sultan’s boats were used for trips along the Golden Horn, as well as a means of transport between the Galata Tower and the port of Eminenu. About 10,000 rowers served such boats. The most interesting thing is that many Turkish songs and poems have been written about this vehicle. These boats were classified into several categories, for example, the Sultan’s boat belonged to the highest category, the right to use which only the Sultan’s family had. Such a boat was lined with gold plates and decorated with precious stones. When the Sultan’s family made a walk along the Golden Horn, everyone was warned about this by a volley from the Maiden’s Tower. Other participants in the movement gave way to the Sultan’s family, while bowing and greeting the ruler with his family. But, unfortunately, this beautiful custom began to lose its relevance during the time of Sultan Abdulhamid.

But in 2002, it was decided to restore the boats according to the drawings. And, thanks to this, many tourists have the opportunity to ride on a real Sultan’s boat, built according to original drawings.

We guarantee a sea of ​​positive emotions!

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