Love Fashion Fluorine? Then The Neon Boots Are Made for You

I love the neon fashion. I know, it has that tacky bowling alley point, but it is what I like. Not to say that I like it go up to low dressed in fosforitos ringtones as if it were a highlighter, but give that distinct touch that it transforms everything into something perfect. And I always just by using Add-ins type bracelets, necklaces or bag (clutch in any case). But the other day was walking by Barcelona and I was stopped opposite the window of Brownie, because there were… Boots.

A simple pair of boots with rubber side but their seams and these come in neon color. Orange, yellow, Fuchsia, Green, Turquoise… You choose the combination! And seeing how feel with jeans or pants I like them more and more.

The combinations are endless and in addition you can customizarlas recording your initials on the back side. I don’t know if they will succeed much, but I can only say I love!

What do you think?