Loafers Gucci Met 60 Years, Y Los (Ego) Blogs Are Soaked in Them

I remember that when times were good, and one could do you derroches (occasionally) gave me some Gucci-heeled loafers. They were the classics with fillet completely black and patent leather. Very cute the truth… But to be seen, as they are one of the tough shoes I have (funny, isn’t it). And now these they celebrated their 60th anniversary: six decades giving his characteristic touch and renewing with the passage of the trends. And for his birthday, the signature Italian you wanted to count more in the moment with the egobloggers show their own style with these as protagonists.

There are many versions of them, first are the most striking in vivid colors as pink, green, or blue. The materials also vary from suede to the skin and making a high-patent leather. And it is about taste there is nothing written, therefore also There are classic flesh-coloured, black or white.

But for those who like to follow trends to imply, the Italian firm launched these models (with heeled or flat) full of tacks. Y Betty y Chiara they have already adapted them to your wardrobe.

Like this you types of footwear for every day? Which model would you choose and? How combinarías it?