Lacoste Launches a Collection of Sneakers on The Occasion of The Year of The Dragon

With the aim of celebrate the year of the Dragon, Lacoste has created a collection limited of shoes in which Once again reinvents its mythic model Broadwick. For this new version, the firm has used only suitable for very daring feet metallic colors and are not willing to go unnoticed on its way.

In Red, silver and gold, its surface imitates the skin with scales of dragons, which gives a result that is very original and interesting. The bad news is that they will only be available in Asia, but I hope that live by these lands can get some pair via the Internet.


Do you like this new collection? Are you a fan of the metallic slippers? My Favorites are the red, followed by silver. If anyone find a website where available in Europe, giving the tip-off, please. I will be attentive.