Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai, Hawaii

Guide to Kauai: how to get there and where to stay, what to see and where to sunbathe. The best things to do in Kauai: fresh reviews and photos, places to see, branded entertainment and beaches.

According to toppharmacyschools, Kauai is an island of golf and eco-tourism, which is also called the “island of gardens”. Covered in greenery (particularly rainforests) and prone to erosion, this island is famous for natural wonders such as the Waimea Canyon and the Na Pali Coast.

The population of the island is not at all large, and those settlements that have the status of cities here are more like cozy villages:

  • Kapaa, located 20 minutes east of the airport, is the largest settlement on the island. This town, also known as “Coconut Beach”, is full of hotels, shopping malls, restaurants and cafes.
  • Lihue is located in the southeastern part of the island – this is a large commercial center of Kauai, where the Kauai Museum with an excellent collection of objects of history, geography and life of local residents may be of interest.
  • Poipu, which is located in the south of the island, is nicknamed the “sunny side of paradise”. It is the most popular resort among tourists with beautiful beaches where snorkelling, surfing, whale and turtle watching are popular. The National Botanical Garden is also located here (opening hours: 8:30-17:00, admission is free).
  • Princeville is a resort town with apartments, condominiums, two golf centers and the St. Regis. The beaches here are located at some distance from the center of the resort.
  • Waimea, located to the west, is a miniature town that is a staging post on the way to Waimea Canyon.
  • Hanalei, on the north coast, has beautiful quiet beaches where surfers from all over the world have settled.
  • Haena is just beyond Hanalei and is considered the “main gate” to the Na Pali coastline.
  • Hanapepe is famous for its art galleries, souvenir shops and hanging bridges over the river.

How to get to Kauai

The most convenient way to get to Kauai from Russia with a connection in Los Angeles and then with an intermediate landing in Honolulu. All planes arrive at Lihue Airport. The best views of the island when landing open from the port side.

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Kauai’s public transport – buses – run rarely and not to all tourist places. The fare is 0.50-2 USD. Therefore, the best way to travel around the island is in your own car, which you can rent at the airport.

On the island there are two main routes that start from the airport. Highway Kaumualii (Kaumualii, No. 50) goes west, through the cities of Kalaheo (Kalaheo), Hanapepe, Waimea and Kekaha (Kekaha), and ends on the coast of Na Pali. Another highway, Kuhio (Kuhio, No. 56), goes to the north of the island through Kapaa, Kilauea, Princeville and Henalei, and is pumped there. On average, the entire island can be traveled in a couple of hours.

The beaches of Kauai

The north side of the island is windward. It rains here twice as often as in other parts of Kauai. However, for tourists from the north (which the Russians are), this may be more than enough, and short-term clouds and rains can only bring relief from the heat.

For the most part, the best beaches on Kauai are in the south: Maha’ulepu with ancient petroglyphs, rocky Shipwreck Beach with excellent diving and snorkeling opportunities. Poipu Beach is often referred to as one of the best beaches in the world. Boats for dive safaris leave from here daily. For example, to Ni’ihau – a private island located near Kauai (from about 130 USD, depending on the number of hours of diving).

The beautiful sandy beach of Polihale is located at the southern end of the Na Pali coast. Here you can enjoy beautiful sunsets, diving and whale watching. In addition, in the park you can pitch a tent and stay overnight.

Attractions and Attractions in Kauai

Waimea Canyon is a natural wonder of Kauai. The most popular observation deck is located on road number 550, around mile 11 – it is from there that unforgettable views open up. Camping and hiking are available at Koke’e State Park. The best time of the day to visit is in the morning and in the afternoon.

The coast of Na Pali is easily recognizable from the movie Jurassic Park. Huge vertical cliffs are broken up by small, absolutely wild beaches, which can only be reached by boats, helicopters or along hard-to-reach mountain paths.

Breaking away from the clubs and holes, the local vacationers have fun with deep-sea fishing, horseback riding, surfing and helicopter flights over the rainforests.

In addition, Kauai is a great place to watch whales (and even rare humpback whales can be seen in winter) and dolphins. Tours depart from Poipu Beach and Nawiliwili Docks in Kalapaki Bay.

Kauai, Hawaii

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