Kanye West and His Sports Fluorine

I have to confess that rapper Kanye West is not Holy of my devotion, although there is that recognize that it has a good taste for combine colors, one of its strengths. That Yes, sometimes the rapper gets fashion and becomes something akin to a Christmas tree.

Recently designed a sports collection for Louis Vuitton, making clear that his favorite shoes are the sneakers. This type of sport shoe has become in a “ must have & #8221; between young people and up to the more classic brands like Lanvin have signed up for this fashion.

A Kanye What we have seen recently with some sports high of Raf Simons, of a striking Yellow fluor, not suitable for the more classical styles, such as a server. What is clear is that this man will never cease to surprise us. These are the slippers in issue, do you think this color?.