I Have an Existential Question: Do Not Understand The Success of The Footwear of Zara with Lo Uncomfortable That Tends to Be

Zara It is one of my favorite stores, like it or not, you just by purchasing almost all your wardrobe there, comfort, design, price… but one thing you will not see me shop at Zara, are the shoes. All seem to be too rigid, plastic bad (very rarely a smooth and soft skin that gives taste walk), with too much heel, with strange designs. Even so, they tend to have much success between bloggers and almost all look many looks with Zara shoes. A phenomenon that can not explain.

I suppose it’s a matter of design. The models of Zara they are very modern and trendy, just what they are looking for bloggers. Sometimes it seems that they choosing the shoe just for photos. In winter those stiff boots carrying Stella blogger wants to die with the Sun, the ugly shoes that look out of the foot all the time. Fashion, but too uncomfortable.

These are some of the examples of the new spring-summer 2014 of Zara sandals: can you walk peacefully with any of them? you have already tried these models? Tell me your zapatiles Zara experiences because doubt me corrode.