I Am a Runner without Gadgets, GPS and Expensive Sneakers

A question for our readers who come to run almost religiously every day: would you be able to do so without bringing up the heart rate monitor or the clock with GPS? You saldríais to run without music and without your new wireless headphones? Could you train without technical clothing and these shoes adapted to your tread? And without social networks? It may seem like a utopia, but there are people (few) making it.

I can assure that he has cost me a lot find people who dispense with accessories that has almost every person who runs today, but I have found it. And we present them to you to know their motivations: Why run “a nude” with all the advances that we have today?

When you run to enjoy and not to compete

Seems that with so much run all weekends, both pop Chrono and so overcome our limits the main function of sport is has been forgotten us when we are amateurs: enjoy the moment.

And is that that while you keep in your day to day to train is to enjoy it: not for non-stop looking at the clock when you’re stressed because metro does not arrive and going to be late to work, or to overwhelm you thinking that last week you did 7 seconds less in the same way.

This, Julian, administrative 35 years and it has been running more than six, it is very clear: “jogging is my quiet time of the day, and I don’t want to ruin it While most pending a clock to the sensations that I have by the way. It is my time to listen to myself, to clear the mind, to clarify ideas and to return home renewed. Look at a clock or having to maintain a particular rhythm not help me do this”.

“If you run most pendant watch that your feelings, you miss the best part of your training”

Julian was also hooked to heart rate monitor and GPS’s, but came a moment where he decided to go back and experience running by feelings rather than slave to technology. “I noticed that” He was more attentive if followed exactly the pace that I had marked the day that everything that happened to my around and, above all, in my heart. It was more what he said to heart rate monitor (if you had to go faster, slower, if the stride frequency should be faster) that what was really feeling. And that I didn’t like anything, so I left it.”

And is run by feelings is one of the best experiences we can have as brokers: is a form of enjoyment of every workout and learn how our body works during the race. Although we are not of those who say goodbye forever to run gadgets, we can try it one day a week: run regardless of the time or distance, only with our thoughts.

Are really required so many slippers of career?

Something common to the majority of the runners is that the love for race shoes (“imeldismo”, as some have been baptized by the networks) is immense. We have them in all colors and, of course, for every type of terrain: a for asphalt, others for mountain, others light for when we do series, ones for long distance… Cabinets and cabinets filled with fluorescent shoes, each one with more miles in the sole than the previous.

In the middle of this maelstrom of footwear fosforito there who opts for minimalism and cushioned shoes passes (and expensive, it must be said) to absolute simplicity: Sandals. Minimalist footwear is booming, and although we can find models that match the price of the shoes of the most popular brands (some even exceed it), it is normal to find lowest prices (from € 25 up).

This is the story of Peter, better known in the networks such as Cristo, a runner cartoonist who one day decided to leave parked ultra-modern and cushioned shoes for move on to the easier that could find: sandals. And it runs many kilometers them.

My story as a racer began in 2009. My first shoes were very normal, nothing high end. Sneakers white mark from a large shopping area. Over time, as I was a medida que fui mejorando improving informed me more and I gained supposedly best and therefore more expensive sneakers.

But everything changed when I read the book “Born to run”. Reading opened my eyes and pushed me to try what there was: the traditional cushioned running shoes are counterproductive. Never cease to develop the full potential of the foot and invite you to run entering heel technique inefficient and harmful to the knees. “Born to run” made me see that right and logical was running landing from forefoot. This was the natural way and the minimalist footwear (flat slippers, sandals) allowed you to it.

Traditional shoes cushioned (and expensive) are counterproductive to the musculature of the foot and the technique of career

The switch to minimalist footwear I had to start from scratch. A transition is required. The muscles in your legs and feet must be turned on after so many years of lethargy and that takes time. Otherwise the lesion was more than insured.

Running Sandals improved my career economy. He also made improving my technique, and therefore contributed to my improvement as a runner. In addition, training became more fun because it connected with the land that was. My feet began to see! And they have become stronger.

I have now come to run a 10 km with Sandals on 38:10, a half-marathon in 1 h 26 and completed my first marathon.

As I said the book “Born to run”, the best shoes are the worst. The foot already has sufficient technology acquired after millions of years of evolution. You don’t need all that we want to sell great brands. At most, you simply need some protection for the uneven ground and something warm for the cold days. Nothing else. The rest is unnecessary and counterproductive.

The price of the Sandals may vary between 30 and 90 euros, depending on the brand. Even cheaper if you buy the materials and the factories your self, as many people do. In short, one price far more cheaper than high-end sneakers that we sell as “good running shoe”. Don’t be fooled.