How to Combine Blue Shoes According to Models and Occasions

Blue shoes and general ideas

Despite what may seem, as well a boat soon, shoes blue (be tone that are) are more difficult to combine that the red, black or white. And if I hurry, can be even more slippery from the point of view of style than shoes with animal print (Tiger, Leopard or Zebra).

About Blue Shoes

But that doesn’t mean to make them great, and also provide a sophisticated touch to any combination.

This is the case of the heels in Ernesto Esposito of the photo buff would like to know how to wear them? That… on the next page.

Turquoise shoes and tough shades

Both this firm United Nude, a favorite of the always controversial Lady Gaga, as he leads this story are that spectacular character that we both like in shoes. How to carry them? With models that rezumen elegance, glamour and a point always chic. It goes well with skirts below the knee or mid-calf combined with jackets or buttoned classic knitwear.

Careful with the colors! Not ever go with all the styling of the same tone because it seems that you are in uniform. Yes you can wear it with Brown, with white, ivory and with the range of ochre. You can also combine it with prints (flowers, pictures, moles) provided they are to tone (i.e. tissue there somewhere exactly like the shoes of color).

We continue…

Navy blue shoes and style complication

Although it seems that this color is easy, you’ll find that it only goes well with white, ivory or very soft creams. In addition, they tend to give a point of seriousness. That is why it is the most helpful for those who need to necessarily wear suits. In this case the pinstriped is imposed. And eye with mixed with black! You’ll see that the result is disastrous.

How to combine blue shoes

And, in keeping with the above, since I mention that not the combination of different shades of blue are good (unless you’re an expert hair stylist). The marine squeals with the electric and this with turquoise or the blue. Only, in some cases, you can combine with the darker softer tones, which are close to the black, as this model that you can thinning of Custom and Chic.

Blue shoes for party

It all depends on the model that you have, but as the photo, keep in mind that not only the form but also the color brings a daring point. In this case it is best to wear dresses above the knee combined with Brown, moss green or bottles and ivories.

Blue moccasins with heels

As this model of the Italian firm Stephen Venezia, one of the 10 best homes of Italian shoes of the moment. The quality of execution is completed with an extremely refined model that goes well with pants. That color concrete itself may be mixed with black.

Sailor blue sandals

Easier to combine can be sandals in marino, such as the Lacoste of the image, you can do a styling of aires sailors, mixing stripes, red, white and blue in the same set.

And it can be done with more models…

Blue dancers

The same can do with these dancers using the styling of the previous page.

Blue fashion boots

Stephen Venezia model in a beautiful napa a dotted purple only caters for the more addicted to this shoe. Let know you that this type of open-toed booties are rabid fashion and have seen it on the runways of Chanel, Ferragamo, Oscar de la Renta, Kalliste…

Would you like more?

Statuesque boots

As the same thing happens with this model of boot in electric blue of United Nude. You must wear them with leggings, provided your physicist will allow you this kind of garment.

Nautical blue sandals

To show in the days of beach with minimal shorts.

Blue sneakers

A basic essential with jeans. These are TST shoes.

Plus size shoes with laces

For those who like plus size, follow this official website. You can take it with baggy pants, fitted to the waist.

Have you already chosen your model? Another day.