Gucci and Its Sports Triple Velcro

Gucci returns to relaunch its classic sneakers, the Sports Velcro. A format of shoe that many really when we were small, more than anything because they were easy to put on and you had to tie them. The idea of Gucci, is still just as simple, one sport simple, comfortable and decorated with the colors of the Italian firm, green and Red.

The Sports Velcro they had to make a couple of seasons of the limelight now lacking, and although it is a model for nostalgic and that some firms do not want to give in their collections, the velcro has succumbed to the cords and it is rare to see down the street to some kid with these shoes.

Gucci reedited this sport for this summer in two colors different, black and white. The three closures Velcro and the Tri-color band the side are its hallmark. Personally I prefer the white ones, especially if they are for use in the summer, especially with Bermuda and jeans. A real whim, since its price exceeds the 300 euros.