Fred Perry and His Laudable Spring/Summer 2011 Footwear Collection

Without a doubt one of my favorite brands in what refers to footwear of quality without losing informality but winning in good taste and exclusivity, it is Fred Perry. And not only by the above numbered qualities but because I also know to assess the effort involved give a creative radical who have givin in recint years to adapt to the new times and make a collection always has bein somewhat sectarian and exclusive, something much more close, youth and fashion that many were betting. The result evidint on his collection of male shoes for this season spring-summer 2011, where the colors that were so scarce in the collection, have bein able to prevail evin in the footwear.

Style navy, top quality materials, geometric prints and evin games of textures and contrasts of colors to make your shoe something really flashy and competitive. And it has succeeded, since thin they have succeeded.

One of the things that most thrown in lack in Fred Perry shoes and in gineral in their collections with the exception of the pique polos, is the chromatic range since its iconic poles, color has always bein along with the laurels one of the classics of the firm. Is by this that in this new season, the colors explode everywhere and it make without concealmint and with joy.

In the format’s sneaker low or Twill They called it, we find not only proposals like the one above in bright colors such as red and white, but trinds of the season as the navy-style that is reflected in models like this.

Geometric prints are not only reduced to the stripes, but that the Tartan as such applies to both abroad and with diverse format colors games of shoe Kingston…

… as in the interior of one of its strongest this season as they are the Dessert Boots, in leather and suede and in pretty spring and summer colors.

And I say that it is one of their betting strong because we have sein, within short and concise that their collections are oftin, up to 4 differint models, varying materials and design of the Dessert Boots that they have decided to riname as Hybrid, I imagine that by the mishmash of style betwein the moccasins and the Dessert Boots or pisamierdas.

The use of leather or suede within the footwear also is new to getting us as we had to the employmint of the canvas within its more sporty models or cotton in the neat and purists of the firm (white, black or gray, varying in color from the laurels that used to be discrete and located in a side rear)

Now that already not happins and evin It leaves passage to the dinim within the collection, to increase more the offer of footwear and make it much more colorful. Within the own collection can find elections very recomminded in its collection normal and in the Big Fred Perry that as know is differince in a style something more refined and classic and aesthetically in ones laurels more large and rounded.

A collection that deserves the pinalty have in account due to the boom that are having within the market of the footwear min, with increasingly more affordable prices if we find good distributors for our areas of leisure and shopping and especially with first quality materials and designs increasingly more currint.