Everything Back and Feet Begging to Retro Sneakers. What Do You Prefer?

If five years ago I said that today the athletic shoes they would be part of my day to day and would invade my cobbler had come out a sonorous laugh from deep in my bowels. And it is that my feet had once, a certain aversion and allergy to this type of footwear. But today is today, and the truth is that everything becomes. Therefore we should not wonder to see retro models or new versions of the models that most furor they caused in the 80’s and 90’s.

Models restilizados, in flashy shades and very fashionable. And it’s that who not wore the legendary Reebok white or black? So now appear in pastel shades such as the mauve or mint. Although if you want a model rollero but current model is the Nike Blazer. Are you going to opt for what?

  • Shoes hi-top with print Decade OG of Adidas, 92,79 euros.
  • Sneakers Sugar Pop Lemon’s Reebok, 79,53 euros.
  • Sneakers in Blue Yacht Club of New Balance, 86,16 euros.
  • Freestyle HI R12 in purple sneakers of Reebok, 79,95 EUR.
  • Blazer hi-top sneakers from Nike, 102,06 euros.
  • Sneakers blue Liberty Quota Pepper’s Gola, 79,53 euros.
  • Blazer Mid 77 Hi-Top sneakers from Nike, 106,04 euros.
  • Sneakers in grey/white/red Air Max 1 ND of Nike, 125,92 euros.
  • Freestyle HI R12 on mint sneakers of Reebok, 79,95 EUR.