Croatia Fast Facts

Croatia Fast Facts

Croatia is a travel destination that is often underestimated, with beautiful nature and impressive national parks. Croatia borders Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Italy. Once part of Yugoslavia, it has rightly become the focus of many travelers in recent years. See ANDYEDUCATION for education in Croatia.

Capital City Zagreb
Size 56,594 km²
Resident 4,190,669
Official Language Croatian
Currency kuna
Time Zone CET+1
Telephone Area Code +385

Fast facts to know

  • Many Croatians also speak German.
  • Hospitality is very important.
  • Relatively inexpensive travel destination.
  • Known for good wines and excellent olive oil.
  • Almost 10 percent of Croatian territory is natural beauties – 11 nature parks, 8 national parks and 2 nature reserves.
  • Has very good beaches.
  • Naturism is very popular in Croatia.
  • More than 1200 islands belong to Croatia.
  • 86% of the population is Catholic.
  • Croatia has the most intangible treasures under UNESCO protection in Europe.
  • Croatia is home to celebrities like Marco Polo and Nikola Tesla.
  • “Game of Thrones” was filmed in parts in Croatia.
  • The tie was invented in Croatia.

Exciting cities in Croatia

  • Dubrovnik
  • Korcula
  • Split
  • Rovinj
  • Trogir

History of Croatia

  • First proven settlements 130,000 years ago.
  • 550–1270 Eastern Roman/Byzantine Empire.
  • 925–1102 Croatian Kingdom.
  • 1102–1526 Croatia in personal union with Hungary.
  • 1451–1699 Ottoman Empire.
  • 1527-1918 Habsburg Empire.
  • 1918–1941 Creation of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes.
  • 1941 Surrender of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia to the Axis powers in World War II. Croatia becomes a German vassal state.
  • 1945-1991 Croatia as part of Yugoslavia.
  • 1991 Croatian declaration of independence.
  • 1995 End of the War of Independence.

Climate & travel weather in Croatia

  • Dalmatia:
    • North-Mediterranean climate (mild, rainy winters and hot summers).
    • One of the wettest regions in Europe.
  • Pannonian Plain:
    • Temperate continental climate (very hot, dry summers and cold, snowy winters).
  • Dinaric Alps:
    • West: Mediterranean climate.
    • East: continental climate.
  • Recommended travel time:
    • Suitable as a travel destination all year round.
    • Beach holiday: May – Aug.
    • Round trips: spring & autumn.
    • Mountain tours: summer.
    • Winter sports: Dec-Feb

Ideas for trips in Croatia

  • Baredine Cave
  • Amphitheater Pula
  • Castle in Pazin
  • Sculpture Park Vrsar
  • Knin Fortress
  • Ruined city of Salona
  • Diocletian Palace Split
  • Paradise beach Lopar
  • Biserujka Cave
  • Blue Cave Bisevo
  • Zlatni Rat beach

Eating & drinking in Croatia

  • Diverse and regionally varied cuisine.
  • Turkish, Italian and Greek influences can also be felt.
  • Sheep cheese, Dalmatian ham but also typical stews are very popular.
  • White bread is often served with the food.
  • There are very good Croatian wines.
  • Dalmatian cuisine:
    • Like steamed and grilled.
    • Fish, vegetables, Mediterranean herbs.
    • Simple, uncomplicated kitchen.
  • Cuisine of Istria and Kvarner:
    • Mixture of continental and Mediterranean cuisine.
    • Fish and seafood very popular.
    • Known for excellent olive oil and tasty pasta dishes.
    • Truffles from Istria are a true delicacy.
  • Continental cuisine:
    • Much meat based.
    • Potatoes, dried or green beans, cabbage, onions and pickled peppers are often used.
    • Known for good fruit and delicious fruit liqueurs (e.g. Sljivovic).
  • Typical dishes:
    • Black risotto
    • Brodet od riba (fish stew)
    • Fritule (baked yeast pastry)
    • Cevapcici (well seasoned ground beef)
    • Koštradina (boiled lamb)
    • Pašticada (marinated beef studded with bacon cooked in red wine).
    • Pljeskavica (grilled mince steak)
    • Orahnjaca (nut roll)

Particularly scenic

  • Impressive national parks:
    • Kornati National Park
    • Krka National Park
    • Brijuni National Park
    • Paklenica National Park
  • Many beautiful islands, eg Krk, Rab, Cres, Losinj and the Kornati islands
  • Coastal road Jadranska Magistrala
  • Kvarner Bay
  • Lim channel
  • Zrmanja Gorge
  • Plitvice Lakes

Croatia Fast Facts

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