Converse Pro Leather: for Urban Tribes Who Dress by Feet

It was in 1976 when the basketball player “ DrJ ” Erving put on for the first time a Converse Pro Leather. That gesture marked a before and after in sports marketing and performance: new slippers It sported one of the best basketball players improved their play on the Court and had a design groundbreaking.

A few years later, in the ‘ 80s, street moved these slippers of the Court to the asphalt. The new urban tribes, with their respective and emerging music styles, apadrinaban to the Converse Pro Leather. Street language just take off with the adaptation of the sports shoe to the casual attire of the day to day.

During the 90’s, the thing did not change and the new musical ramifications such as grunge and late disk were always present at this historic shoe. Now, 20 years later, Converse launches a new edition of this legendary shoe. Do you fancy them to be part of the street culture?

Pro Leather Suede

With a design in suede more renovated and angry, for me, the new Pro Leather are sneakers that can work very well in our casual looks providing that retro touch that both will demand this season.

The new reissue of this iconic model is available in four colors: blue, red, yellow and black. For tastes, colors, and this in Yellow It has me captivated. The single failure It is that I might be an option too showy for everyday and runs out I soon tired of it.

Even if one is more classical, can always opt for one in high contrast Black y White or another color Navy Blue as we have above. With what you quedaríais you?