Cloned and Caught: Do You Dare with The Model Alice of Acne?

It is never late if the clone is good, but what if the clone is more risky than we thought? A couple of seasons ago, the firm Acne throwing the market a model which you loved or frightened you or the egobloggers showed that they were in love until the trancas (that or lack of personality). I speak of the model Alice where the wild silk was evident in models of different colors, making the Green Aquamarine was the favorite. Today the firm & Other Stories rescues this shoe to show us his version low-cost.

The tissue is different and the much more wearable color, and although the differences are made patent, it is certain that modern air Yet he still reigns. Is the price? Much more economical, although not as well if the shoe in question You fails to convince.

What do you think This option?