Christian Louboutin Tweaking Increasingly as Far as Footwear Is Concerned

It is known by all that Christian Louboutin It has no problem in dazzling the female audience with its proposals in footwear. Your peep – toes they have become a must have for any party that boasts and heels at times reach prices higher than the own set itself. But in what refers to male footwear, it’s a cumbersome land which decided to put some time ago and which it is emerging more or less airy to a large extent to the name and the prestige that has and not to own models and designs. But it seems that we are moving forward and leave this stage of experimentation.

Because it was a pilot phase clearly: forms, defining the type of footwear (feel fondness for the) ankle boots and the sneakers), accessories and Add-ons (studs are another of) their fetishes male footwear) and after a few rather extravagant designs, we started to see more discrete and that for our Cabinet proposals.

From its Daddy Flat, narrow shoe booties with a bit of heel, tassel in red to match the trim and body in Black Suede & #8230;

… until his collection ‘ Fred ’, that continuing with the spoils as a means to express their creativity, introduces notes of color and animal prints in the form of flakes, nude-toned glitter prints…

… either plain cream-toned designs that combines and contrasts with darker tones, made with treated suede and that emphasizes the prominent point of the two models.