Christian Louboutin Continues to Surprise Us with Strange Mixtures

That Christian Louboutin you love surprise with his shoes think that to these heights of the tale is something more than known by all us. Not only innovates with strange shapes and cuts impossible within the women’s footwear but footwear man, that even if it is less, there are also, recently committed to a mixtures of materials, textures and styles that, far from being bizarre, if we consider the footwear as a ‘related one’ and assume that they are designed by Louboutin, they may not seem so rare and difficult as at first sight give the impression.

The new model of sneaker that has released has named Louis, and is one of the star in the autumn-winter 2010 collection / 2011. In her two recent trends have been mixed: the tacks and the animal print that, in this case, is of Leopard. They are two rather old fashioned trends but it is precisely for this reason for which Louboutin has wanted to rescue them, to further differentiate themselves and, in its own way, give a touch eighties and retro sneakers.

The model of shoe is the ‘High Top’ sneaker and as you may understand, either the shoe or its price go unnoticed before us. Only for the most daring but I assure you that, close views, are rather less ugly than you can imagine.