Christian Louboutin and The Tack: a Story That Never Ends

The hobby of Christian Louboutin by studs reached unsuspected limits, and is that the designer feels a special fondness for this decorative element and very specifically in footwear men while many of us do not see a way as any other make a museum piece of a sneaker and a Supreme tacky inside footwear but not certainly an option for going out. As well, but do not believe it, in some of their models as the high top version as the Converse, sneaker studs have had an immense success that has been rewarded amply models precendetes.

And if over this year we note that rock style is going to be one of the must of the season joined a pretty punk and urban, aesthetic possibly tacks that saw the light last year not only with Christian Louboutin but with Pierre Hardy, Jimmy Choo or David Dolphin among many others, to become again one of the key elements of the designs of the season, abounding in Add-ins and especially in the footwear. And that is where Christian Louboutin will resume again on the modern power and shoes.

As the first models in nautical style with a flange of tacks, or the second that increases its quantity as well as the background with animal print Zebra style are but some models that are most likely to see the light in the built many styles of fashion magazines or in which they can see inside the street-style of 2011 or in the fashion of the bloggers. And if not time to time…